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♥ Boating plans to secret island
♥ Photo: Boats on Monday
♥ Free header offer
♥ Introduction A-Swab Team members

Boating plans to secret island

We’re thinking of taking a boat trip with my sister Susan, to an island outside Stockholm tomorrow (Wednesday) – depending on the weather conditions, butt they have promised sun at least.

It’s to a very old and interesting island which can make an awesome cyber cruise port soon – just to make you very, very curious… *giggles*

…and the boat is serving foood! How lucky doesn’t that make this hungry monster Captain ;-)

Photo: Boats on Monday

TorAa has started a new photo hunt on Mondays: Boats on Monday. It’s simple and fun, just post one boat photo with some short words to go with it and enjoy the others. That’s all.

Free header offer

Our cyber cruise paparazzi Mark is bashing his bongo drums to let you know that he is generously offering you some of his nature photos as free headers for your blog. Head over and see if it’s any one you want :-)

Introduction A-Swab Team members

We have a A-Swab Team member from exotic Maui, Hawaii, US, that actually has been on the A-Swab Team list since November 2006, but hasn’t participated in the cyber cruises before.

Kuaynin @ Who’s Yo Mama?

Her first comment on my Wordless Bulls Eyes post was:

“I have a weakness for cinnamon rolls! They have a famous place on Maui where people line up for the cinnamon rolls! :-O”

Many of you already know her from before, but for me she’s a bit mysterious since she hasn’t wrote any profile – so I’m very pleased over this excellent chance to get to know her better :-)

I just have to tell you that her great posts are just about anything. She really have a bunch of great blogs (check them out!) plus stunning photos. She also has a beautiful old cat Queenie Anela, which you know if you’re participating in Gattinas Cat’s on Tuesday!

I’m going to dig down at her posts later, I hope she has something yummy hidden there…. *giggles*

She is running her first Blog Contest I’ll Remember You!! (Elvis Presley) with a prize of $50 Amazon Gift Certificate – so why not participate?

Meet our new A-Team Swab member from Alberta, Canada:

Deborah @ Life in the Fast Lane

I think many of you already know her. Her blog is not the regular type of personal blog we use to have with us, but I’m sure that she knows how to have fun with us and that’s all we demand, isn’t it…?

Cut from her blog:

“Fast Lane Transport is a family owned company started by Layne Petersen in 2000. My name is Deborah Petersen, Layne’s wife, and I am the primary blogger for this site. You won’t find me discussing business topics only as important as this is to our company’s success rather, I will also share with you some of my other interests including yard art, garden art, and details about what is going on in my home city, Edmonton.

If you’re considering the fact that her last 2 posts, when I’m writing this, contain both a cat toilet and telling us about why people attracts to each other, I’m pretty sure that we’ll be pleased to have her with us!!!

Cruisers, great them welcome with some giggle water, so they feel at home at this ship!

Cheers to the new cruisers, may you stay away from trouble and having to walk the oiled plank…. *giggles*

Captain ♥ Lifecruiser

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The Edinburgh Festival

Coming Cyber Cruise events:

The Secret Island, Sweden
Dröbak, Norway (Any day now)
South east coast of England (Sunday 19 Aug)
Maui, Hawaii, US(After the 24th Aug)
Castle Howard in Yorkshire, England
Another castle in Lincoln, England
Fulu Fjäll (mountain), Sweden
Uppsala, Sweden
Denmark – Germany
Algarve, Portugal
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12 Comments on “Boarding the hip ship”

    Kuanyin UNITED STATES said:

    Wow…what a lovely introduction! And Mahalo for mentioning the blog contest! You have an incredible memory—-and ability to access data! I don’t even recall writing about cinammon rolls. :-) )) No wonder you’re the Captain, and I’m the lowly swabbie. :-)

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Oooooooo! Can’t wait to SEE the Mysterious Island! I LOVE secret mystery cruises! :)

    Welcome to Kuaynin!

    Mark UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Cheers Captain for letting the team know, i wont have to bash my bongos quite as hard now…

    Caledonia said:

    Oooh, mysterious! Can’t wait!

    TorAa said:

    This would be a cruise out of this world – a sensation. No doubt.

    PS. Anna starts at wotk again Wed morning. Which means we are back to a regular life.
    rrrriiinnng at 5:45 – 6:00 am – and back in the summerhouse 5-6 pm. Loooong days.

    Thanks for plugging me. You are a real Captain.

    claudie FRANCE said:

    Mysterious Isle! I can’t wait to visit it and taste a good swedish food on the boat!


    Will there be Champagne? I hope so. Looks like a good group for tomorrows cruise and the weather looks like it will cooporate too. What more can one ask? :)

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    Secrets – more secrets – this is so exciting – can hardly wait!

    Welcome to Kuaynin and Deborah as A-Swab Team members – good to have them with!

    PS: Button is updated Captain!

    Sword Girl UNITED STATES said:

    Ooh, this is sounding exciting – a secret island – and all kinds of new places to visit. hehe

    Deborah CANADA said:

    A secret island sounds exciting, I love a mystery!

    A few familiar faces here … Kaunyin has some very exciting blogs, and I love her writing style. It’s always a pleasure reading her posts.

    Thanks for the intro Lifecruiser :-) After reading that, it reminds me how badly I need to rewrite my About page! It was written days before I started the blog when I wasn’t exactly certain what direction I was going to take, and only had a general outline of what I wanted to do. Once I started posting to it things evolved to where they are now.

    So to give an idea what my blog is about, I love the creative abilities that artists express, so when I run across someone with talent I write a feature post providing a taste of their creations along with some background information.

    But I also enjoy odities, weird science, scientific and civilization discoveries, as well as weird and offbeat news. So you’ll find a taste of all of that throughout the blog.

    Thanks for the welcome Renny :-)

    Looking forward to the cruise!

    mar SPAIN said:

    Oh, Captain, you have certainly been busy!!! awsome new (old) memebers here, I am all ready to visit that island and have some Swedish treats. After all: we were in IKEA yesterday!

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Even with my best will I couldn’t participate with boat pictures on monday ! Besides cruise boats (real once) I have never been in a boat ! Nobody has boats here at least the people I know, there is not even a lake in Belgium. Kuanyin I know for a long time, she discovered me at the very beginning of my first posts and helped me a lot how to do etc. We also corresponded by email. But I can’t tell anything about her, that’s something she should do herself.
    Nice that we have a new member !

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