One of the many higlights of our trip in southern France in August, were of course when we bloggers got to make a toast in real life with the gigglewater we had been pretending to drink together at our cyber cruise parties during the three years we’ve been blogging together.

Lifecruiser Bloggers toast, France, Copyright
Pierre, Mrs Lifecruiser, Claudie, Renny and Tor.
Southern France, August 2009

The missing faces in this photo are behind their cameras: Mr Lifecruiser, Diane and Anna. This had to be well documented – almost as a historic happening…. lol

No wonder the happy faces and giggling, it’s not every day you get to drink with such good friends and the very best Champagne brand there is!

Dom Perignon Champagne bottle, Vintage 1999, France, Copyright

.. only problem was that they only had one bottle in the store, so we really had to share the drops verrrrrry carefully… *giggles*

Today we have another reason to make a bloggers toast, so I’ll fill up the glasses for you all and hope that you’ll follow me in this toast!

Dom Perignon Champagne glasses, Vintage 1999, France, Copyright

A toast for Renny, who’s birthday is today and is planning another blog gathering next year in August in Oslo, Norway.

Hop over and congratulate him and see what he wishes as a birthday gift – it’s something very special!


Lifecruiser France

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4 Comments on “Bloggers toast in France”

    claudie said:

    :grin: This champagne was really delicious! I miss this time and our walks to the beach, in Toulon and in the middle age villages.
    Now we drink a virtual Dom Pérignon glass, a toast for our Norvegian blogfriend, Renny ! Happiness and thanks to prepare the blog gathering 2010! After this, we will used with blog gathering and we will continue on that way!!!! :wink:

    TorAa said:

    What a blast we had sharing the wonderful Dom Perignon.

    And it’s true, it was the last 1999 vintage they had, and I had to wait 20 minutes to find a helpful hand in the hypermarket to help me. But it was worth every second of waiting and sharing with wonderful blog friends.

    And happy BD to RennyBA of course

    Gattina said:

    What a nice picture of all of you ! Since I don’t touch alcohol anymore, since 4 years, I discovered a very good “Champagne” without alcohol and it’s very well drinkable !! so now when I am invited somewhere I take my bottle with me, so I don’t have to drink water all the time. People who tried it found it also very good !

    DianeCA said:

    Those were the days my friend, I thought they’d never end..thanks for a trip down memory lane, and I pledge to be your photographer next time too!!!! Just as long as I can join the party because it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!!

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