Are you ready for the bloggers paddle babble…? Are you sure? *giggles*

As you A-Team and A-Swab Team Cruisers know, Tor and Anna came here to visit us at Fårö a couple of days. I think it will be best if Tor tell you about the adventures on the way over here by himself, butt let me tell you that they were staying over night very close to here the last night.

Of course, since they are A-Team Cruisers, they knew to bring the very best gift for the Captain:


Captain Lifecruiser prepairing for the boat trip:


All aboard, paddle for your life – and the champagne!


More gigglewater to the crew!!!


What a captain! Tor is wordless…


This is how you can become after the trip with Captain Lifecruiser… *giggles*


I only drank this much:


When they arrived here they were surprised to see that we had arranged a camping caravan on the farm for them during their stay. We couldn’t let them overnight in a tent in this cold and sometimes rainy weather!

Anna coming out after an inspection:


Their view from there:


Right from the beginning, the laughters echoed all around the farm in a very crazy, relaxed atmosphere. We did feel like we already knew each other, despite the fact that this was the very first time we saw each other!

Of course, they are as crazy as we are and that might have had something to do with it…. *giggles*

It’s really fantastic how the blogosphere can connect people all over the world!

Relaxing a bit the first day:


Getting some exercise by walking at the beach Norsta Aurar, it’s about 3 kilometer long and it’s actually our engagement beach!


Finding a good spot in the sand dunes to warm up a bit from all the wind:


Look how big I look! *giggles*


In the evening we had a party at the farm – I think Tor liked it, what do you say?


Here he is talking with Renny and handed over the phone to me, so I had a very nice chat with Renny – and got the hugs and kisses from Renny and Diane afterwards as Tor had promised Renny!

Though I forgot to give some back to Renny and Diane! My mistake! Here they comes…. XOXOXO


…and this is the normal party captain:


Though I’m not really sure if this is my dream toad Mr Lifecruiser or if it’s some other guest arriving ;-)


We did manage to do some sightseeing too. Kutens Bensin as I wrote about before:


The Helgumannens old fishing village and Anna with raincoat:


Down by the rauk area:


Actually, it was a bit difficult to take photos since it was very rainy outside. Hm, come to think about it: inside too since the gigglewater was flooding…. *giggles*

Also the Lauters Cafe while the worst rain and wind were passing by – salami and brie is never wrong:


Some how, we were still hungry and Tor was eating the Rose at Fårögårdens restaurant!


OK, it only look like that… *giggles*

Actually we had something so ordinary as this:


Since they came here at the worst occasion – with bad weather forecasts and us tired already from all the earlier partying for weeks, I’m almost afraid of what they’re going to write about their experience over here – seeing Fårö and us from our worst side!!!

The last night I totally forgot to take photos! We’re having a very good time and laughing sooooo much!

Thank you so much Tor and Anna for a wonderful party time together :-)

We only had two days and times goes fast when having fun!

Bye, bye and hugs to Tor and Anna!


Captain Gigglewater Lifecruiser

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    RennyBA said:

    I just love this babble post and you know I would have loved to be there with you!
    Yea, when you called, I really could hear you all had a great time: Who won the giggle contest? My bet would be Tor:-)
    I forgive you for forgetting your cam the last day as you kind of improved by letting us see what you had for dinner.

    Btw: Thanks for plugging me again – I’ll update mine right away:-)

    Lifecruiser said:

    Hm… Who won the giggle contest…? I’m not sure actually…. Maybe it were both…. or… Ah, we just giggled all the time!!! *giggles*

    Gina said:

    That was a wonderful post! I loved the photos and all of the naration ( my daughter just liked the smorgÃ¥s med salami). I would love to have an adventure like that, but with 4 kids …the chances be slim…ahoy!

    Ev Nucci said:

    It looks like you guys had a blast. My favorite is your face with the tongue out….I’m lovin you there. I’m a thinkin yup you and me are so much alike!

    Notice there’s never any pictures of me? Because I’m the only one who can take them!! And what are you talking about?

    You look fabulous!!!! You do not look big….now you sound like me! I think my real favorite is the one with you holding the bottle of champagne to your mouth…yup that’s definately my favorite!!!!

    It’s me…

    Learn Spanish said:

    Wow, looks like a great adventure! This goes far above and beyond what I normally see as far as blog posts from others. Keep it up.

    chase said:

    OMG you guys look like you are having a blast! And the pictures are so nice! I hope I can join you there guys!

    Melli said:

    LOL! What FUN! Ohhhhhhh what FUN! Yes – it is JUST like being with old friends when bloggers meet the very first time! Isn’t that just AMAZING?! I love it! Ut really is a wonderful world here on the Blogosphere! And looks like a wONderful world partying in FÃ¥rö too!!! Which language were you speaking?

    TorAa said:

    I was there when you canood! It was the best place to be at the best time. I love you and your husband because of our open minds . your creativity and hospitality.
    Love from Anna.

    TorAa said:

    What a story.. Can it be the truth?
    Bloggers meeting like that. First time meeting face to face. And did all this crazy and serious things together really happen. Like the Green Cruise on the Farm. Cyber joke? Fantasy? or a real, real lifecruise?

    A great mirror of the meeting. It was a blast and more than that.

    Some great moment to remember for lifetime.

    btw. We are fans of you and your lifestyle



    claudie said:

    What could I say more?! It’s wonderful! WONDERFUL!
    It is like we were a little with you in Farö! Love all the pictures! And tchin tchin! miam I’m very hungry now the sandwich with salami seems so good! Bravo for this super meeting! I propose a price for this beautiful meeting!
    Clap!Clap! Clap! Bravo! Bravo!

    Bryan@ One Man's Goal said:

    Looks like everyone had a great time!

    Kasia said:

    Nice tan Mrs Lifecruiser! And nice hair! :)
    Thanks for inviting us to have such a nice time with you on this island which really really seems to be magical. Is everybody always so cheerful there? :) What a place!

    Lifecruiser said:

    Well Melli, they did speak Norwegian and we did speak Swedish and luckily for us, the two languages is quite alike each other so it’s rather understandable!

    Otherwise: after all the gigglewater every one can understand each other anyway! *giggles*

    Lifecruiser said:

    As you two are too dear Anna :-) We loved to have you here!!!!


    Lifecruiser said:

    You know Tor – we’re just ourselves – crazy yes, butt ourselves – just as you and Anna are too :-)


    Lifecruiser said:

    Yes Kasia, this is the smiling island ;-)

    It’s a special atmosphere here – I guess that’s why everybody keep coming back year after year! Of course the farmer is contributing to this, since he is the best.

    aka R'acquel said:

    *CACK!!!!* I felt a bit sad that i couldn’t be there, that looked like such a hoot! Ever considered taking up a career in acting? Those photos are classic! *giggling in spirit*

    Sword Girl said:

    The echoes of laughter, friends, giggle water, and yummy foods what else could ya ask for! That is so awesome! :-D

    Sword Girl » They say it’s your birthday… said:

    [...] check out the Captain Lifecruisers with TorAa in Fåröe!  and here too!!! ~“May your pigs always be in the pink; May they fly very high Like birds in the sky; May [...]

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