Picture Pretty
Picture Pretty, 1967.
Oil on canvas. Gil Elvgren.

Welcome to our Blog Warming Party #1!

We are ghostly happy to great you welcome to our new spooktacular home, created by the blog design goddess Leanne.

The Ghost Boo Face which I am so in love with is originally created by the amazingly talented Carole Nickerson and tweaked by Leanne.

We are holding an open haunted house this Friday until whitching hour, so stay haunted!

Have some Champagne to start with to dare more:

Blog Warming Party Cheers

Cheers for YOU that makes this blog to such a fun place to be. May we have as much upcoming fun as we have have in the past. It truly has been a blast!

Blog Warming Party #2 will be in November and we will have #3 in January 2008 too. No need to say that we love to party hah? *giggles*

Eat, drink and be scary!!!!

Blog Warming Party Cheers

At first cock-crow the ghosts must go back to their quiet graves…

We have a lot of Halloween fun coming up here at Lifecruiser, so this is just some pre-partying…. *giggles*


♥ Do not miss Lifecruisers Halloween 23-31 October, with a spooktacular Halloween Party the 31th! Read more about it here!

All bloggers are welcome, come you too!

Help us spread the word by displaying a button in your sidebar – with a link back to this blog – grab them over at Sannis blog!

Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise Halloween Grave

37 Comments on “Blog Warming Friday Party”

    Caledonia said:

    Woah! I must’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere! I’m going to get my Mommy because this cruise is way too scary!


    Wow, love the new look. This is awesome. I want the food. All of that food. Have a great weekend. :)

    .: mar said:

    Oh, this is my terrified testimony!! you know I am a party lady and you are my fave Captain, so here I am, cheers, what a party!! thought of you this morning as we went out to get our sparkling wine supplies in the heart of the Spanish champagne production :) Hope nobody scares me right when I am sipping my Dom , lol

    Lifecruiser said:

    Welcome everybody! Let’s have some screaming fun here!

    So how about digging up some scary stuff?

    Any one that is good with the shovelling? *giggles*

    saboma said:

    Oh my, dahlink!
    Are you really sure that you’ve been expecting little ole me?
    I love the facelift, Captain. You’ve gone all out this time. Where might I check in my broom? Is someone here who can manage Esmeralda while I take off my hat and cape?


    Tricia said:

    Ohhhh the food looks yummy! Is anyone going to tell us some scary stories? I love scary stories, especially around Halloween.

    Marsha said:

    Wow, is all I can say. Best blog makeover I have ever seen.

    RennyBA said:

    Dear beloved Captain: Congrats with your New Cyber Home! It’s amazing, it’s special, its unique, its sensational or to make it short: Its YOU!

    I see shrimps and oysters and champagne too – Cheers or Skåååål between Viking ;-)

    .: mar said:

    Oh, it is getting crowded over here, how nice!! I am sipping my own Spanish champagne, don’t let the French hear that!

    Kimberly said:

    WOW!!!! This is AMAZING!

    You know I won’t let anyone touch my blog except Leanne. And now you know why :)


    Lifecruiser said:

    That’s so freaking scary Mar! 2 spooktacular well done videos!!!! I love the end of the first one, of course expected one, but never the less freaking me out…. *ghostly giggles*

    Maribeth said:

    Oh here I am and I am ready to party. I love the new look and the creepy hello at the start!!!

    Lifecruiser said:

    Welcome – dig up some scary ghauls….. *ghostly giggles*

    I sometimes wish I could do like this guy:
    Scary Wolf

    OldOldLady Of The Hills said:

    LOL, LOL, LOL…OoooooI Love the scary person welcoming me…!
    My dear, I will try to put one of those “buttoins” On my sidebar…I’m not very savvy about all that, BUT, It looks like a lot of fun!!! (*SCREEEEEEEEEAMS*)

    Great idea!

    Kuanyin said:

    Way Khool Design with just the right amount of scary! And the food and champagne look so delicious….mahalo for the invite to your party! Yum!

    Lifecruiser said:

    I’m sooo happy to see you all here – and all dressed up and everything ;-)

    …but where are all the vampires I invited…???? I’ll be very disappointed if they don’t show up!!!!

    Speaking of vampires: What is a vampire’s favorite mode of transportation? – A blood vessel…


    Nancy said:

    I came by earlier when I was work and did not have time to comment. This place rocks! Leanne is a Goddess. I think this is my favorite design, except mine of course.

    I will be dropping by with some candy corn during your festivities.

    .: mar said:

    and here is my kind of scary stuff :)

    .: mar said:

    and while I am at it, take a look at another favorite of mine :)

    RennyBA said:

    Wampire me? the closes I drink is red wine – does that count? LoL if so I’ll drink all you have – cheers :-)

    Sword Girl said:

    Ooh, thanks for the different varieties of champagnes! I’ve brought some ghoul stew for the offering. It is burbling and gurgling hot and ready to throw into the graves. Um, this champagne is great!!! I think they are waking…

    david mcmahon said:

    Cheers from Australia,

    Love the new look. The concept of a blog-warming party is great.

    Tell Leanne she’s done an amazing job …. well done all round.

    Countess laketrees said:

    wowzer Captain..
    what a fantastic design and the food looks delicious…..any Pavlova??
    sorry my hubby Count Dracula is going to be late…..he’s just stopped of to pick up some very nice Pinot Noir………

    Lifecruiser said:

    Oooops! Don’t show all that goodies for the creatures, keep it all for the hungry monster – ME! *giggles*

    Leanne said:

    I’m such a bore at festivities with all my non-fattening food, I’ve gone and sworn off candies for the season – how about a nice oven fresh pumpkin pie covered in yummy whipped cream?


    Kendra said:

    Hey, Captain LIfecruiser! Thanks for sailing by the Otherworld DIner today…I’m glad you liked the picture on my post. I thought it was beautiful when I saw it, so I had to use it. Love your scary “boo” face, this place looks great! Enjoy the party. I think I’ll help myself to a glass or three of champagne:-)

    Gattina said:

    Sorry I couldn’t leave a comment before I just had too much champagne and slept under the table until now and now it’s time to swim home from the cruise it’s 5.30 am and I just got up, lol !! My dear cat Lisa thought I had slept enough !

    Amanda said:

    love the new look!!!!


    Woot! I came back from my China biz trip, just in time for the party!! I’m dressed as a pirate. I bought you all Smelly Tofu!!!

    Nice blog theme. I love it. Let’s dig up some corpses to party with!!! Yahooo……. er…. I mean hohoho and a bottle of rum!!!

    .: mar said:

    Just getting up , believe me: I look scary!!! good morning everyone!

    Deborah said:

    O.M.G. If a blog can be drop-dead gorgeous, this is it! FABOOOOO job!!! I absolutely LOVE it! Let’s crack open a bottle of bubbly specially for Leanne and Carole!

    Hope I’ve parked my broom legally outside, I’ll be needing it for the way home. I’m starved, let’s eat!

    Coco said:

    Hi everyone! And hi Captain! Thanks for inviting me to the party :D
    Congratulations on the new look and cheers!


    New look is totally awesome, that face coming out from the background is just amazing!

    Lifecruiser said:

    thanks everybody for a screaming wonderful scary party! Remember, this was only a warm up before the upcoming Halloween party :-)

    A. said:

    Is it all finished? So sorry I’m late – I would have loved to have joined in but things haven’t worked out as planned here in England.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanks Mike, I’m thrilled over the result :-) There is still some things I need to do: like adding the 9rules leaf to the sidebar. I just found one with transparent background. There ought to be more of them. I’m a bit picky with color matching…. *giggles*
    Another new blog design is under work too, that we’ll launch in November. I bet that gonna be awesome – I’ve choosen some great images for that one too :-)


    I’m terrified! And late to the party.
    But not too scared to talk about this…..

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