Blog Traffic Exchange Review

[ .... And the winner is...... BlogAdvance ! ]

Motivation: This sites members and staff together creates a very special atmosphere.

One thing that we have said from the beginning of this blog, is that we will be doing some reviews of things. Lifecruiser is a blog more based on quality than quantity, to put it simple.

We just pick out the things we like the most, even when it comes to blog traffic exchange sites. There even can be a slightly odd reason sometimes for why we think it is the best, but it is still our best choice.

That is even the reason for us to NOT jump on the bandwagon of all the advertising and affiliates business that, in our meaning, is totally destroying the blogs/sites. When the blog is full of ads, we just skip that page, do not want to read a line. We do not trust the content of the page.

So ads can do damage to your blog. Some ads are okey, but not too many. It do not feels trustworthy. Like they all have bought you. Or it is like not seeing the tree for all the forrest.

The last weekend we did quite a good work surfing trough six of the most mentioned blog traffic exchange sites. It was hard work, but we wanted to know, what it all was about.

Was it worth it to be a member of them? What could we gain? Did it increase our visitor stats? And a lot of other questions. Born curious as we are :-)

We came up with one winner in our eyes and that is BlogAdvance. The main reason for this is that we think that this is a site that really listen to their members and keep up a good level on the service. They are rather new - maybe that is the reason for the enthusiasm they have shown us.

They have had their well functioning member forum for a while and other blog traffic sites is now follow after and is creating forums they too. It is important that the members can reach each other and discuss or help each other besides the comments.

We also like the fact that BlogAdvances surfbar goes a little micro bit slower, because the over all meaning of it is that people actually shall READ your blog, not just surf by it to gain some credits!

They all have some different ways/functions, so you can not really compare all that between them, but as we said in the beginning: BlogAdvance have a special atmosphere that we did not find on the other sites.

One of them even had a bit infected atmosphere that was not nice at all. There seems to be some “grouping” as usual and it is a pity indeed. We have also found certain emails from one of the other sites staff a little bit unnecessary rough sometimes.

So, yes it is worth it to be a member, if it is the right one where you can feel comfortable and among friends.

We do not feel like it is worth it to be at all the sites, it is not that big difference in the visitor stat that it rewards the time (or paid credits) you have to put down on it.

Besides that, if you really shall get the most out of it, you should not only join as a member to show your own blog, you should participate through leaving comments and be an active forum member. There you have the real benefits of it! Getting hold of the other members experience and opinions.

You are most welcome in the gang - go there and introduce your self :-)


6 Comments on “Blog Traffic Exchange Review”

  1. Deb AUSTRALIA said:

    Best. review. ever.

    Just another example. Blog Advance have offered me webspace seeing as Clublint was banned in Blog Thunderdome.

    They’re nice people and we’re all in a great community and they try hard.

    Great review Mr & Mrs Lifecruiser.

    Toot toot!


    ps. first commenter yeehaw!

  2. Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Thanx, but we just said the truth and nothing but the truth :-)

    Glad you found a new “home” at BA!!!

  3. Red UNITED KINGDOM said:

    I totally agree with this review.

    I love BlogAdvance for the fact they are building a community and others are following their example.

    Not bad for a new service.

  4. Skittles UNITED STATES said:

    ITA BA is great. Welcome to BA!!


  5. Mandy NETHERLANDS said:

    Great post mrs-lifecruiser.. oh and psssssst I designed that BA button you’re showing .. (I’m feeling proud to see it on so many blogs) :-))


  6. Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Thanx every one for your nice comments :-)

    Mandy : yes, I know, and we like your design of the BA button best, so you just go on being proud there girl!