Birthday BBQ Party at the farm, Fårö island, Gotland, Sweden, Copyright

Last Friday evening we had a Birthday BBQ Party here at the farm – for a special reason: to celebrate Jane’s (25th) an Kari’s (28th) birthdays – as every year.

The reason why we did choose to have it on Friday was because of the weather reports – and the fact that Kari and her parents were going home very early Sunday morning, so it would not be enjoyable for them to have a late evening Saturday.

So hubby and me decided to give them a BBQ party, the relaxed kind of party we’re used to here at the farm, no luxury, just very heartly – but this time with the look of a party for kids, with funny table cloths and lots of balloons! *giggles*

Plus: we were in the kitchen for 3 hours working hard to prepare this BBQ!!! (Not to mention afterward: the cleaning up and dishes… So now you know one of the reasons why I haven’t visited your blog for a while!)

You have to bear in mind that we have a VERY small kitchen and no water – we have to fetch that from an outdoor kitchen – and not so much kitchen tools either.

Birthday BBQ at the farm, Fårö island, Gotland, Sweden, Copyright

There were two different kinds of salads, one kinda Greek salad with Feta cheese and pasta and another one with lots of vegetables including apple and Cashew nuts. Then some sweet chili beans, Mexican beans, bread, a mix of olives garlic cloves in chili marinade and tomatoes too.

These BBQ skewers we did were great: several types of hot sausages mixed with onion, tomato and apple, marinated with BBQ sauce and extra spices.

Birthday BBQ skewers at the farm, Fårö island, Gotland, Sweden, Copyright

We had such a great evening and were so pleased to see that people enjoyed it and it must have been good because no food were left…!

It were mixed feelings, joyful, but also a bit sad, because they should go home already. Time flies when you have fun….

You can see the rest of the Lifecruiser BBQ party photo slideshow here.

Lifecruiser Farm BBQ

10 Comments on “Birthday BBQ Party at the Farm”

    Maribeth said:

    Oh it all looks yummy! I love barbecues! They’re so much fun and usually very relaxed times for all.

    Markus said:

    BBQ delicious look, but still better than the present Caucasian shashlik nothing! :-)

    LindaN said:

    Yummy! You can fix bbq for me whenever you feel like! *lol*

    Ling said:

    Looks yummy. Captain, your pics make me want to lick the screen. :mrgreen:

    Gattina said:

    A pity that I wasn’t there ! looks delicious !


    Look at all that great food!!!!!!!
    you are certainly having a wonderful summer:)

    Puss in Boots said:

    Yummm, that food looks so good, LC. You sound like us here, in the summer we have lots of barbecues with friends. What fun!

    claudie said:

    sounds a lot of fun and I can imagine I smell from here all the food! :razz:
    We have a party on the beach again tonight! You give an idea for a fresh salad! :grin:

    TorAa said:

    What a table.
    And both Anna and I feel the great atmosphere from this very unique place.

    Please give them all hugs from Anna and me.

    We remember we arrived one day to late two years ago;-))

    Still, we had lot’s of fun.

    btw. Is it one BD missing here? A major one—


    What a great BBQ. I’d like some of that! :cool:

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