Big dig fig in France

Before going to France, we had never tasted fresh figs. We don’t have them naturally growing in Sweden and it’s not so common in gardens either. When we’ve been on other trips, there haven’t been any ripened figs.

So when we got the chance to taste fresh figs just picked from a fig tree in Claudie and Pierre’s garden we found it very interesting.

Just the things we want to experience when on trips: to see or and taste things we don’t have at home!

Claudie and Pierre's figs and tomatoes, Provence, France, Copyright

As you can see, they also had wonderful tasty tomatoes for our lovely breakfast - or more like brunch - table.

We were surprised to find the figs so juicy and sweet, it was not at all as we had imagined they would taste - they tasted much, much better. So good that we wish we could have them every morning…

Claudie and Pierre's fresh fig, France, Copyright

We do have seen a fig tree before, but none so up close and with ready fresh fruits to eat, so this was a new experience for us.

How nice it would be to have this green tree in your garden and to get fresh fruit like that!

Claudie and Pierre's fig tree, France, Copyright

Since we’re having a bit too cold climate around Stockholm for figs, it has not been commonly grown and the only figs we’ve known during our lives are dried figs - which are too sweet & sticky for my taste - and mainly during Christmas time.

There are some that has been able to grow figs in the South of Sweden with success since they have milder winters, but not so much here around Stockholm and up in the country.

We can only hope that this will change!

Lifecruiser Fresh Figs

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Comments on Big dig fig in France

  • 1
    claudie FRANCE said:

    :smile: My congelator is full of these figs and I cook them as often I can! Nice to learn somewhere in Sweden sme figs grow too!!! :smile:
    your pictures are beautiful! I can smell them just watching at them!

  • 2
    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    Oh i Love figs! They are so good!

  • 3
    TorAa NORWAY said:

    Fantastic photography.

    This is one of the reasons to go back visiting wonderful Claudie and Pierre.

    When talking about figs.
    More than 40 years ago, we learned a recipe for a very special dessert:
    Canned figues in juice.
    Heat them in a pan.
    Lift up the pan
    and pour over Ricard or Pernod and then lit it.

    Canned Figues Flambée.
    The taste of Southern France.

    It’s remarkable tasty.
    If you add genuine Vanilla Ice Cream
    Just heavenly.

    btw. Do you read my Norwegian blog? ABC i ord og bilder.
    New post very Friday (sometimes later)
    I try to recruit Swedes and Danes and even Norwegians to the OBG.
    Renny has invited some expats in the Oslo area to do more planning to make the event even more exciting. This meeting will take place TORsdag afternoon.
    And Anna and me have allready started planning what to serve our best blogger friends the day before the Event starts.
    (You may of course bring some Swedish specialities - to make it a Nordic table)

  • 4
    Sanni GERMANY said:

    OMG! Your big-fig-macro really gave me the kick. I’m drooling all over my macbook… literally. I can smell it and even taste the sweet juice right now *drool*

    So, okay guys. Where will I get figs tomorrow in the morning? Here? In the cold and greyish?

  • 5
    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    I ate my first fresh figues 42 years ago, when Mr. G brought me some togeher with Parma ham from the Hilton where he worked !
    I still love them !! I find them here now on the market or in all Supermarkets.

  • 6
    Vagabonde UNITED STATES said:

    I just found your blog while reading RennyBA’s Terella and came to pay you a visit and was so surprised to see that you wrote a post on figs. I just posted a long post on figs on my blog. I have a large fig tree in my yard here in Georgia (near Atlanta) and explained how to make jam and the history of figs. Please come and take a look at it: My figs are the Brown Turkey variety which is golden in color. I have so many jars – I shall try to bring some with me next August. I’ll come back to your blog to read more of your past posts.

  • 7
    Vagabonde UNITED STATES said:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. The only Scandinavian country we visited is Denmark. We went to Copenhagen and surrounding areas. We also spent the day in Malmo Sweden and liked it a lot but that’s all we saw of Sweden. I enjoyed reading your comments.

  • 8
    Trotter PORTUGAL said:

    You’ll have to come to Portugal for the figs… :smile:

  • 9
    Diana said:

    Love your site! :smile: Really fascinating to see what you have been upto. People like you guys are truly inspiring and are obviously really enjoying all the planet has to offer - including figs! :lol: At we want folk to enjoy the world as much as you do. Good luck with all you do!

  • 10
    DianeCA NORWAY said:

    We got to taste the figs on the last day of our stay. They were lovely! I have also discovered that I like perfume with fig in the fragrance, makes a nice green sweet earthy scent!

  • 11
    Cecil Lee MALAYSIA said:

    Wow, I haven’t got the chance to try out fresh fig fruit! We only have dried fig fruit in Malaysia and I love it very much. Thanks for sharing and hope I could try it when going to Paris this May. :smile:

  • 12
    Erica said:

    Fresh figs are absolutely delicious! I first tasted them about three years ago in London.

  • 13

    Yea, very exotic to a Norwegian too - but like Diane said; it tasted great!

    Btw: Glad to see you get visitors from my blog (Vagabond) - hope she’ll meet up with us at the Oslo Blog Gathering!

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