When some travelers envision their vacation, they picture sandy white beaches, turquoise waters, and long days spent lounging. For others, vacation is all about the experience and maximizing the time they have off to enjoy to pursue a hobby or interest. For those in the latter category of travelers, there are numerous resorts which cater to specific interest groups whether it be mountain bikers or scuba divers, and offer a wide range of amenities to make one’s stay both comfortable and exciting.

One particular type of these resorts that is growing in popularity, are the ones which offer tennis camps. Over the past decade, tennis affiliated resorts have attracted thousands of enthusiasts, however, only a few have gained distinguished notoriety. Such tennis resorts include:

Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt

To say that this resort is nestled in the hills of Tirol, Austria would be an understatement. The stunning Wilder Kaiser mountains create the backdrop for this resort, however, the view is hardly why hundred flock to the resort each year. Since 1978, Peter Burwash International has taught tennis camps at the resort which features 14 courts. In addition to housing some of the most successful tennis camps in the world, the Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt has 6 indoor tennis courts and a multi-lingual staff.

Club Med- Sandpiper Bay Florida

Club Med has long been specializing in tennis, and the Sandpiper Bay all-inclusive resort has the leading Club Med Tennis Academy. The resort has classes for both children and adults making it a great choice for any family, and even offers programs for children as young as 4 months. Among the list of tennis programs are free daily clinics, day camps, and professional training which can cater to any skill level from novice to advanced. Guests who choose to stay may also choose the resort’s all inclusive option.

Roy Emerson Tennis Holidays – Gstaad, Switzerland

The Gstaad Palace is the host of the Roy Emerson Tennis Camp, and is one of the most renown hotels in the world, as well as a prized historical marker in Switzerland. The resort only hosts the camp annually and only has four courts, however, guests can expect to be coached by the famous Roy Emerson himself. For six days, guests receive intensive training – there are 5-hour-a-day clinics held each day – and can expect to play several double matches.

Lifecruiser Tennis

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