The best luxury ski holiday time of the year must be in the spring without doubt. Just think about it: the mood is better, the weather is better – with lots of tanning sunshine. Even the best prices may occur during spring time too.

Switzerland: Zermatt, MatterhornPhoto by Doc Searls of the Gornergrat ski slope above Zermatt 2009

Of course that depends on how late you’re waiting to get here. Have you checked spring prices for a ski vacation? Have you ever been skiing in the spring? It’s really the most enjoyable time, especially if you don’t even have any snow any longer at home.

In Sweden it’s very common to take ski vacations during the winter season, but also in the spring. Almost every family who can afford it, takes at least one ski holiday per year. Most of the ski travel destinations is situated in the north part of Sweden, naturally.

Though many Swedes also take their ski vacations further away in Europe. The Austrian or French Alps are perhaps the most common and especially if going to a more luxury ski travel destination.

Have you been to any luxury ski holiday? Been to the most famous ski destinations as Chamonix, Courchevel, Zell am See, Bad Gastein, Davos, Verbier, St Anton – or Zermatt with it’s 3800 m – Europe’s highest?

I would not mind at all going there with my family, renting a more luxurious chalet for us. They would love to relax in the evenings together in a sauna or swimming pool. My wife would probably stay in the spa all day…

I’ve been to Stubaier before, 3210 m high, in Austria. I went up with the Gletscherbahn with stunning views and awesome Midsummer skiing at the top in June!!! That was in the early 80′s though and now I’ve not been skiing since 2002, so I better start getting in shape if thinking of going there in the future.

Of course, I don’t have to be skiing in the same way as I did before when I was younger, there is easier skiing to do too, but I know how it is: when you’re there, it’s so fun that you easily overdo yourself…

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    I wish I knew how to ski now. I need a holiday and this would be a perfect way of spending it.

    Tim said:

    I fancy learning to snow board. Looks like much more fun than skiing!


    The best part of a ski-ing trip in the Spring for me is that even if you don’t enjoy the actual ski part of the holiday the improved weather makes it a more pleasant experience for getting around

    Peter Janszoon said:

    Zermatt is in my humble opinion the greatest place in the Swiss Alps to ski. Especially the route after you take the Gornergrat Bahn. It takes a while to get there but then the best panoramas and views appear. I want to suggest every ski or snowboard lover to get at least once to Zermatt. February and March are the best periods, as you say early spring.

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