Best Lifecruiser Diarist 2007

I’ve decided a while ago to spread some more love and hand out one more prize to an A-Team Cruiser, but haven’t got the time to do it until now.

The Best Diarist during our cyber cruise is:

……Melli at Insanity Prevails!

Congratulations x millions!!!

Don’t forget to email me your real post address so I can send you the secret prize!

Am I making you curious now or what? *giggles*

The motivations of the jury is:

- She was among the first to start to write a cyber cruise Diary.

- She writes in the Diary with a total empathy ability, serving us the true cruiser enthusiasm and crazyness.

- She gave me the idea about The Crazy Hat Parade by bringing her spectacular hats aboard the ship.

If you haven’t read her diary yet, here you got the chance to have a peek into it:

Insanity Prevails post labelled Cyber Cruise

Don’t miss that Claudie got her new blog up! Update your link to her to:

We’re having a house warming party over there – so hurry over there and get some champagne while it’s still some left ;-)

The warmest cruiser hugs :-)

Captain Love You Lifecruiser

UPDATE: I discovered today that Hootin’ Anni have had problems with a galopping heart rate the last week. I do hope that they’ll find out what it is and cure it soon!!! Hop over and leave her some love from the cruisers – though I had problems leaving a comment since Blogger wouldn’t let me.

Lifecruiser lifering

Next port: Antwerpen, Belgium, Wednesday (Gattina).

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10 Comments on “Best Lifecruiser Diarist Prize 2007”

    RennyBA said:

    Good choice and congrats to Melli – she really deserves it!
    Have been to Claudie’s house warming party since last night and it’s getting hotter and hotter:-) So there is champagne left?!?! Where!!! Pore me another glass while I dance with Claudie please!

    Melli said:

    Oh my gosh! But I’ve been so lax on the last few stops! Now I feel bad…. I’ll have to do better! I will certainly email you soon … Thank you SO much for this special honor!!! Now I am off to visit Claudie’s new place – and am HOPING I can leave messages for her at this new blog! (I think I had problems at her old blog…)

    Claudie said:

    ah!ah! we have so good time in my cabin! The Lifecruiser ship echos of laugh and music! We have a special cuvée Moët Et Chandon! A spring wich doesn’t dry up! All my congrats for Melli and I’m very glad to meet her!

    santaram said:

    Hi thanks for adding my blog into ur technorati favs and feel free in visiting my blog and i added ur blog to


    Yes, we’re lucky to have such good dancers with us! And party’ers for that matter.

    Though I think that maybe people had too much champagne? Nah, there can never be too much of champagne huh? *giggles*

    Lifecruiser said:

    Oh, don’t feel bad! The meaning with the cruise is to feel good and have FUN, no pressure or demands to be everywhere!!! *s*

    …and you’ve certainly earned it :-)

    About Claudies blog: it’s a WP blog on and an own domain name, so I don’t think anyone will have any problems with it!

    Gattina said:

    What an excellent idea to give Melli a price as best diarist ! she is the born entertainer and really put great ideas in for the cruise ! I just finished my post about Antwerpen. So I am ready to guide everybody through the city tomorrow. I already have been to Claudie’s new blog. I suggested her to take a Blogger blog, because on hers I could never comment and always had to send an email. Now she is very happy about it and I finally can chat officially ! Now I’ll go to Melli. Isn’t that phantastic, quicker then a missile I come from Belgium to Sweden, was already in France and go now to the States !

    Debbie said:

    I visited Claudia and checked out her new digs. How nice! The champagne was good and the music was wonderful.

    Melli does spin a tale really nicely and I always enjoy reading her blog.

    I love the clouds on this page. It is very soothing. I don’t feel so well today and am at home. My throat is scratchy and my tummy upset. :(

    I hope you are having a good day!

    Sword Girl said:

    I love all the clouds around here. :D

    :floating on a raft:

    Yay Melli! and Claudie! :D

    green tea said:

    I’ve added you to my tech faves too, fun blog here!

    Keep up the good work friend!

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