Bare Essentials
Bare Essentials, 1957.
Oil on canvas. Gil Elvgren.

Recognizing this picture? That’s how many persons beach life is…. Tough. Even I feels like I might need to hide in the reed this year…

I can’t understand it, where does this belly bingy thingy comes from…???? It sure isn’t mine! GET OFF ME! *giggles*

No, I just refuse to hide. Ill do the opposite. Hang it out from the pants whenever I’m in the need to! We have an expression here in Sweden that says: the hag against the stream, if I try to translate it right off. So that’s me. I never does as everybody else does…

Actually that reminds me of a shopman in a store my ex and I was in once, to buy some jeans. He was an expert on judging what size you had, just by looking at you. Mine fitted instantly which never have happened any other time in my life!

Though my ex’s jeans was a bit too tight around the waist, so he asked the shopman:

- What shall I do with my belly?

The shopman answered:

- Hang it out, just like everybody else does!


No need to tell, that this shopman and store quickly come to be our favorite store…

Sorry for not visiting you as much as usual for now being, I’m occupied installing everything on my new laptop and moving all needed files between my computers (plus all other preparations!) before we’re leaving for our summer island on Monday.

Photo and more info about my new laptop will be posted later….

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8 Comments on “Belly Bingy Thingy”

    Sanni said:

    Hang it out, just like everybody else does? *snickers*

    Well, we´ve been out on a village fair this early afternoon… the shopman´s right ;)

    Have fun installing everything on your new laptop (congrats) – don´t forget your bookmarks!


    Melli said:

    You ARE taking US to your summer island with you – riiiiiiiiiiiiight?

    Gattina said:

    I don’t know where these bellies are coming from suddenly, it surely is a gift from heaven but a bad one !

    Sword Girl said:

    I’ve done that!

    that frolicsome kid said:

    Good luck with the computer housework. Yes, don’t hide the belly, show it and get comfortable! =P

    Criz Lai said:

    Gosh…I have never felt so comfortable here. Any more bellies to share? Haha. this is a good post :P

    Debbie said:

    A new laptop! I love new laptops even mine is still new (at least to me!) but to swap over does take a lot of work!

    Will we hear from you much when you go to the Island? Oh that sounds so exotic!

    TorAa said:

    Belly me here and belly me there. I think that parrot has seen enough :LOL.

    And it’s so good to hear you both are yourself – and not the type that it goes 13 of for each dozen. As we say;).
    But I had to admit, It was good to have 15 oysters when we ordered a dozen directly from the Oyster farm at Isle d’Oléron in Western France.

    Wish you good luck – with the two new gadgets.

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