Gil Elvgren, 1960.

Have you noticed how things tend to add up just before going on a trip?

That’s exactly what’s been going on over here. I must say that this year start well. *not*

You may have wondered if I’m still ill since I’m not writing as much as I use to here. Well, I can’t claim that I’m jumping as a rubber ball exactly, but I’m not still having the flu.

Our life is kind of overloaded at the moment you might say. Lots of paper work of different kind for myself and my mother and on top of that there is certain problems among other near and dear ones that has escalated lately in to an emergency level and does need to be taken care of before we can travel again.

I’m sorry I can’t write things here – in consideration of the involved persons. I hope you understand and that I don’t make you too curious. Some of you already know part of what’s up since it’s an earlier problem involved.

To be able to enjoy a trip anywhere, to relax, we need to know that things at least is as safe as it can be at the home front. That we have done all we can do. That’s enough.

It’s always a good thing to lay extra efforts in trying to beat those problems before going away.

To just run away is not a good first option. It might be a good plan B option though, if things go wrong totally when trying to solve the problems…

This means that I might be occupied more than usual in February, from time to time. Not all the time.

We’ll see how this will go, but now you know why I’m absent and maybe you can forgive me for it…?

Captain Lifecruiser

12 Comments on “Beat those problems before going on a trip”

    Gattina said:

    I already wanted to ask what happened and if everything was OK and now I see it isn’t really the case, poor you ! Please don’t do too much think of you and your health first, that’s the most important !

    Maribeth said:

    Ah dear Captain, you are always in y thoughts and prayers. I send the best of wishes to you and your family and hope all will be well soon!

    Maribeth’s last blog post..Not What I Had Planned


    Whatever the problems may be I wish that they melt away in a positive fashion. Big hug. :)

    Comedy Plus’s last blog post..The Nuns

    Caledonia said:

    Hope everything gets sorted soon and you get time to yourself again. Don’t worry about us, we’ll still be stalking you somewhere!

    Caledonia’s last blog post..Mending Fences

    claudie said:

    Hope all gets better soon for you. After bad weather comes the sun and at this moment you will perfect ready for the big start!
    don’t be stressed for us my Captain we, all cruisers, want our Captain in good form! As Gattina says your health is the most important!

    claudie’s last blog post..NRJ Music Awards in Cannes. 2

    RennyBA said:

    Forgiving you is at least one thing we can do and I do understand your priority – family and the loved once first. Take your time – do what you have to do and most of all enjoy your travel preparation – that’s half of the travel fun you know.

    Wishing you a great end to your week too :-)

    Btw: Look at the flag in my comment and you’ll know where I am this weekend. Tor and Anna should have been with us too, but you know they are busy with his daughter. Hopefully we can go together next week.

    RennyBA’s last blog post..Canadian Maple Fudge invading Norway

    Kango said:

    Well, I hope everything gets sorted out soon, Cap’n. And things usually do get better, if you can just hang in there and have some patience. Do your best, and hope for the best. Wish you luck. :smile:

    Hootin' Anni said:

    I haven’t been here in a long time, mainly ’cause life goes on and I only seem to find time in the morning more or less to blog and visit. So, for now, know you’re on my mind in thoughts and prayers if needed!!!

    Sword Girl said:

    good luck with everything! i totally agree with what Gattina says! that is very good that you have a plan B! :smile:

    Sword Girl’s last blog post..Phase one hell

    A. said:

    I’m so sorry to hear of your problems, and I hope they are all sorted out very soon so that you can enjoy some wonderful travelling. Of course there is no reason to apologise to us. We understand and we’ll be thinking of you.

    A.’s last blog post..PhotoHunter: narrow

    Mark said:

    Capt’n you can borrow my bongos if you want to do some bashing.

    Cheers Bongo

    Mark’s last blog post..Green Thumb Sunday – The Blackthorn Blossom

    Simonne said:

    Yes, I’ve noticed it so many times, that I arrived to think it’s some kind of curse: exactly the day before the trip, I either have a small car accident, or I lose my wallet, or some other incidents happen, so I end up by going to sleep incredibly late.

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