There is no doubt about why Sudersand beach at Fårö island were voted as on of the best beaches in the world of Swedes, but the truth is: every beach at this paradise island is almost as good as Sudersand.

Får&ouml beach shadow 1

It’s not only the wonderful sand quality at the beach up front, it’s also the fine sand bottom when you step into the water and the clear water – when not the algae is blooming that is…

Får&aouml; beach shadow, Gotland

More photos of the beaches will come, for now we just wanted to show you the quality.

You will find more at Lifecruiser’s Fårö Island Summer 2010 photos.

LifecruiserFårö Beaches

2 Comments on “Beach Water Proof, Gotland”

    toraa said:

    May we say “Clearwater Beach”.
    It’s fabulous.
    And I do believe you could swim for a longe while in the Baltic this Summer…


    claudie said:

    When sand is marvelous and sea so clear so you are sure you are on a paradise! We found a such one in Corse with Pierre several years ago and we’ll never forget this place! :razz:

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