Barcelona, July 2012

We were looking a little bit proud around us, yes we made it!! After 12 days almost non-stop sailing, passing France, Portugal, Gibraltar and the south-east coast of Spain, we arrived finally at our destination …. Barcelona!

Wheelhouse Hotel boat St Katharine

The Netherlands 2006

In 2006 we bought our 80 ft. boat in Wicklow, a small village south of Dublin. The boat is a former Fleet Tender (supplier) from the Royal Navy and she was built as RMAS Denmead A363 in 1969. Based in Plymouth but during service she sailed between Northern Ireland and the South coast of England.

In 1995 she was decommissioned and sold to Ireland as a working boat and when we bought her, she was still in the original shape!

We sailed her to Holland and worked 2 years with 5 men to strip her completely and rebuild her with keeping some of her original features.

One of the first things was to insulated her very well for the use in the Mediterranean. Next we installed air-conditioning (and CH) in all cabins and fire alarm system etc., so she complies now to the latest safety regulations. The huge space inside gave us the possibility to create 5 guest cabins, 4 bathrooms, large saloon, galley and playroom cabin for kids.

End 2011 we made a business plan for taking the St. Katharine (her new name) to Barcelona and exploring her in this fantastic city that has everything for our plans; it is located at the Mediterranean, has great culture, beaches and the whole year round sun, tourism and cheap flights!

So, in June/July we sailed her from Rotterdam to Barcelona and now she is moored in the beautiful super yacht marina Port Forum, only 10 minutes from the vibrant city centre of Barcelona.

In January we started to rent out the entire boat to max 8 guests and end of January we could welcome our first guests!

During this year we had many requests for B&B stays and smaller groups so we decided to start also with B&B on board of the St. Katharine next to renting out the boat entirely!

A stay on the St. Katharine is a unique experience!

Sitting with a chilled drink in the lounge area on the spacious front deck, looking over the marina with its super yachts and towards the sea. Thinking about the wonderful days spend on the beach, in Barcelona – only 10 minutes away – and specially on the boat. Spending the days relaxing on the sun beds, having lunch and dinner on board and using the dinghy with the children, looking at all the beautiful boats from near!

Enjoying the many activities in and around Port Forum and with the beach only few minutes’ walk from the boat!

When you stay on B&B Hotel Boat St. Katharine well located on the waterfront of Barcelona, you can feel and enjoy the life between the most luxury yachts of the Mediterranean and amazing Barcelona at the same time!

Please look for more info on: and see the pictures below.

Guest Authors: Cas & Irene Pijpers, owners of St. Katherine. Cas is also doing yacht services in different marinas and Irene also has a website design and development company besides running the hotel boat.


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