Normally when getting hold on bargain holidays, it’s last minute charter flights somewhere, but if travel in the Nordic countries, we can get great deals on several cruises from or nearby the Swedish capital Stockholm to Åland or Finland.

Swedish budget cruise tips windowsSitting indoors looking out from the windows on cruise ship passing

Choosing to take a cruise over from Sweden to Åland or Finland, you get to see more places for a really low price – and you get to party aboard the ship on the way!

The trick is timing, as with everything else. Choosing the right time (not in high season) to go can lower the price drastically. If not picky with the cabin location, you can get away really dirt cheap.

They have different entertainment, artists or band performances, shopping, restaurants and bars, just to mention some of the pleasures. Of course it’s here they hope to earn some money on you.

Some day-cruises are as cheap as 20-70 SEK (8 Euro/11 USD) and you can’t really complain about that price, can you?

Stockholm has a very beautiful archipelago with over 14,000 islands or skerries, so be sure to look out from the cruise ship windows or be at the ship deck as it’s leaving Stockholm.


What ever cruise you would prefer, you can get help from the tourist office to get the best choices available at the moment.

My favorite cruise ship though, is Birka Paradise which has a special sun deck with artificial sun, pool, jacuzzi, palm trees, BBQ, bars and a convertible glass roof that can be open in the summertime. It’s perfect for the unpredictable Nordic weather.

For Swedes these cruises has not been as popular for years now as they were many years ago, people have chosen other travel destinations instead. Maybe that’s begin to change again since many have less money to spend now.

If the weather is with us and there’s still tickets left, we might go on a day cruise there ourselves, some day within the nearest month.

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    Ginnie said:

    I’m definitely all for a good deal, LC, and and hoping to do more searching in the days to come, so that Astrid and I can grab deals when she can get off work. I know if I lived there near you, I’d try to find the deals all the time. YAAY.

    al said:

    Nothing to complain about the price! Cheap! Love day cruises. Hope to visit stockholm in the summer :)

    al said:

    happy birthday to you mr. lifecruiser! and i will surely send you an email if i will viisit my cousin in stockholm :)


    Yep, there sure are some great deals to get, Ginnie!!! I just wish there were as cheap deals everywhere…. *giggles*


    Yes Al, summertime is THE best in Stockholm – even though we ourselves escape to our summer island then. It’s difficult to be in 2 places at the same time… lol… Let us know when you come to Stockholm, in case we should happen to be at home :-)


    Great Al! Hubby thanks you for the happy birthday-wishes too :-)

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