Bandol Provencale Market

When we had said a sad Good Bye to our Norwegian blogger friends, Claudie and Pierre did take us to another jewel of the French Riviera: Bandol. We had a nice stroll at the coastal walk at the port and enjoyed a fresh Provencale market.

I felt right at home at once - of course, since I just love boats. So many different boats in this port, no wonder it’s called the capital of sailing at the Mediterranean.

We did meet up with Claudies sister and husband too (such a nice couple!) and had a very nice walk plus a bite to eat at one of the places there, not just going through the market.

As usual I went crazy with the camera at all that yummy food products, even though the light were difficult at the stalls at the market. The others just laughed at my eagerness.


As you could see, there were a lot of different interesting things, even a boat fight AND a beautiful dressed bride…. You’ll never know what you’re going to see!

Oh, I wouldn’t mind at all at go there once again - or to live nearby to be able to go there every now and then… or maybe I would be a steady customer there when I think about it…. *giggles*

Here in Stockholm we don’t have that many markets with fresh products in the same way. We have a bigger one in the city center at Hötorget, but not with fish and meat out on the street, it’s available inside another building.

Lifecruiser Bandol Market

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Comments on Bandol Provencale Market

  • 1
    Sanni GERMANY said:

    OMG!!! What have I done to you? *LOL*

    First the fig, now those delicious melons, French peaches (which are 7,50 EUR a freaking pound during summer and nowhere, nowhere I say, available right now) and bell peppers. I’m such a digger for fresh fruits and veggies.
    I also could jump directly into the cheese, ham and salami…
    Whenever we’re in Spain I am the first one to get up in the early morning just to visit the farmer’s markets. There’s at least one market each day to visit in various cities.

    I have never been to a market in France so far - shame on me. But after this delicious post, putting me into a must-have-fresh-fruits-now-delirium, such a market is definitely on my list :-)

    Thanks for sharing, oh Captain - and driving me nuts. *giggles*

  • 2

    Hm, I’m not sure, but probably this could also be Sanary - the next town beside Bandol and not Bandol itselg! We’ll know when Claudie comes here for comments!

  • 3

    Yea, it was hard to say goodby at that time, but I’m glad you had a good time without us Norwegian friends too! Besides; we’ll all meet again in Norway, at the Oslo Blog Gathering in August this year!

    Lovely slide show and I could tell there was a lot of interesting things to see - you sure have an eye for capturing the details too!

  • 4
    claudie said:

    Yes, I adore all those markets, the different colours, the smells and the sweet temperature. Next time we will visit if you want, the market at Le Cour Lafayette, a typical provençal and melting pot market where you can here the sellers calling people telling them their vegetables and fruits are coming directly from the paradize and that with a such typical south accent! :grin:
    I really love the pictures you took there!

  • 5
    Erica said:

    The Bandol Market looks lovely. I just love visiting different markets. Hope you’ll have the chance to return!

  • 6

    Yum, looks delish! Makes me homesick for Provence, but luckily we will go back again this year!

  • 7
    Vagabonde said:

    This is what I miss living in the USA – the French markets. Where my cousin lives, near Melun about 1 hour outside of Paris, they have 3 market days. She buys vegetable and fruit from local growers and there are 2 cheese vendors with so many cheeses… The markets of Provence are so lovely – the smell, the colors, everything is tempting. I went to the market in Antibes (near Cannes) and they have many provençal products and souvenirs – it’s a nice one. Yes I do miss the markets. Thanks for sharing the one you visited.

  • 8
    DianeCA NORWAY said:

    I am sorry we didn’t get to look around much in Bandol, but I am not sorry that what we did enjoy was the beaches. I love fresh markets though and fresh produce, This looks like a lovely french market! I do so hope we will go back sometime soon.

  • 9
    Toni said:

    wow! beautiful pictures… just looking at them make my mouth water.. i am so drooling over those beautiful pictures.. fruits galore! those peaches… i love those flat ones. I don’t really know what they are called.. and are thosered french beans? haven’t seen and tasted them in real life..

  • 10
    TorAa NORWAY said:

    Such markets makes me crazy to:
    I go wild.. And my mouth are filled with water, after seeing your excellent photos.

    I tagged you here:

  • 11
    Molly said:

    I had the good fortune of staying with a French family near Bandol in the mid-80’s as a teenager. I am returning to the South of France this year and am looking forward to re-discovering this beautiful French town. Thanks for the post.

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