I had never seen jellyfishes before at our summer paradise island Fårö, but when we went there in September 2009, we found lots of them stranded at on of the beaches. When the sea water get colder in the autumns, the jellyfishes are drifting into land and dies. They looked like rocks at first sight.

faro-jellyfish-rocks-beach, Baltic Sea, Sweden

Those jellyfishes are Aurelia aurita, called moon jellyfish and the not stingy type. The most common stingy ones, Lion mane’s (Cyanea capillata) can appear at the west coast of Sweden, usually not at the east coast around Gotland and Fårö, thankfully.

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    TorAa said:

    It’s a fact, jelly fishes can be non existent for a year or two some places and then suddenly they occure in millions. Like Lemmings.

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