One of the benefits that I love the most with our summer island is the fact that we are surrounded by the Baltic Sea and easily can found a sand beach with super quality.

Fårö beach signs, Gotland, Sweden

The other day I took my first dip into the Baltic Sea at Sudersand Beach. It was perfect temperature in the water as well as water quality – even this year.

A calm sea, crystal clear, the bottom where just fine sand with some occasional small sea shells. No rocks, no sea weed. Just wonderful.

Fårö Sudersand Beach Sea water, Gotland, Sweden

The Baltic Sea is a brackish inland sea, perhaps the largest body of brackish water in the world (other possibilities include the Black Sea and Hudson Bay). The Baltic Sea occupies a basin formed by glacial erosion during the last few Ice Ages. (Source: Wikipedia)

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    Julie said:

    Summer is fun! Love that red color on your nails :D

    claudie said:

    Sounds a fabulous beach! The sea looks so clear!!!<3

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