There is absolutely no doubt about it: bad weather causes travel for sure! Especially for us coming from countries with long winter season, like UK and the Nordic countries. We love to do winter escapes from Sweden, this time we went by road to Spain: a 3350 km long roadtrip and then further within Spain.

Roadtrip weather in Sweden

The day we started our trip from Stockholm, Sweden, in late February, we were lucky because we had clear sky and dry roads – just the day after we left it started to snow again… We started the right day for sure, especially since we have summer tires on the car not suited for any snowy weather conditions!

That’s because we had winter tires with spikes at home and that is not allowed in Germany (or some other countries) so we had to summer tires before leaving Sweden. Earlier there were a exception from that regulation that said that you were allowed to have them if you were passing through from one country to another, but they changed that in 2012.

We did drive through Denmark and Germany without any bad weather either luckily, in fact: the first 2000 km went so smooth that we started to think that this trip was going to be an easy ride all the way! Boy, was we wrong… First there was very foggy roads when entering France slowing us down quite much.

France: foggy roads

Then hubby started to feel very ill… In fact so nausea and dizzy that he had to stop acute at least 4 times along the road to throw up at the roadside… Yikes! That’s not any easy ride when out on a long roadtrip at all!!!! Luckily we did not have that long leg planned for that day and he was better the next day.

When we were entering Spain finally after so long time on the road, I did happily burst out with a spontaneous “Buenas Noches España”, feeling so pleased to have come so far – and the late sunset were gorgeous to our winter tired eyes!

Roadtrip: Buenas Noches Spain

We went sightseeing around the coastline in Spain down to Alicante where we were going to celebrate a friends birthday, so that was our first longer stop (more than for the night only). We did smaller excursions to check up even the surrounding smaller places too, but we never did find any places that we got found of. Maybe Playa San Juan nearby Alicante, but that was just the playa.

Alicante actually greated us with some rain too, but still: it was way much more nice than the snow in Sweden – wouldn’t you say too? this photo below is from Playa Postiguet nearby Alicante harbor.

Spain: Postiguet beach, Alicante

After that we went down south from Alicante along the coast line exploring all the places and beaches on the way and at last, we ended up in Nerja which is our second visit to this smaller tourist town, we liked it already the first time we were here – it’s a nice little town. We have been walking around all over this place for days now.

The weather has been mostly OK, but very variated. Some days practically summer weather, others rainy or windy. All the scale, but looking at the weather reports for the rest of Spain I would say that we have been very lucky!

Roadtrip: Nerja weather, Spain

We have been researching around the coastline down from here too, all the way past Malaga and Marbella. So far we have made around 5000 km during this roadtrip altogether with different excursions! You see, we’re checking things up for other years winter escapes…

What I can say is this: we’re not alone doing winter escapes, there are so many Scandinavians, Englishmen, Dutch’s and Germans all over Spain, that I almost feel sorry for the Spaniards: their country is totally invaded and sometimes that is not in a good way at all. (When the tourist has taken over the places).

Where would you like to escape the weather…?

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