Bad luck strikes again

Ok, we just know that something would happen…

Miss ass Lifecruiser has only been here for about 24 hours and already a couple of things have happened.

I got a really bad headache - and it will not go away with the painkillers. The only thing that use to help for my headache is…. No, I will not describe it in details here ;-)

OK, maybe the fact that we played cards until 5 this morning contributed to the headache too….

My stomach feels like there is popcorn popping inside it. (Maybe it is?) I was foolish enough to eat popcorn the other day even if I know that I can not eat it without trouble…

Miss ass Lifecruisers back got really bad. She is operated in her back and it did not go well, as things usually not does for her. From time to time her back comes in to imbalance and it is really difficult for her and of course that happened now.

She had to stay alone at our home when we went away to my niece’s birthday party. On the way there the heating in the car just stopped functioning. At once I phoned her and asked what she had done to our car, but as usual she has never done anything ;-)

It was a nice birthday party though. We are surprised that nothing b** happened there. (Do not dare to say the b-word, that is to challenge it). We even did bring back a doggy bag for Miss ass Lifecruiser with the loveley dinner and a yummy cake.

The thing is that our car have been on the car repairshop recently, remember? The problems began with problem with the heating, then suddenly the engine broke down… They have fixed so many things, it is like a new engine. (And we need a new wallet! )

Except from the fact that it has not been quite well since we got the car back. It obviously got some cold over there - it is coughing… On monday Mr Lifecruiser is taking it back to the car repairshop for further investigation. We are so sick and tired of it.

We do hope that it is something simple this time…. We need the car early in the morning on wednesday when we shall drive Miss ass Lifecruiser to the airport!!!

So now we are really nervous….

This is just day 1. What is next to come?

Get On Board!