Back to our own bed

We’re home again after 4 wonderful sunny weeks at our favourite place on earth, the island FÃ¥rö. It was so wonderful that we didn’t feel like checking our mail or blog - or take so many photos (we’ll upload them later) - and that say it all, doesn’t it?!

It was almost too hot, really good summer weather (yes, we’re tanned now!), we we’re glad that we were at the the sea with the seabreeze cooling us off. This is one of the places where my bad weather curse doesn’t seem to hit me… Wooohoooo!

This was real relaxation, except from some of the late evenings out… There is several places to go in the evenings, often some special arrangements on special weekdays. As Karaoke on Tuesdays and Fridays at the restaurant at the most popular beach Sudersand or bar evenings in the old barn with a DJ so you can dance at Lauters nearby the rauk (sea-stack) area. Or Kutens bensin with old rock bands which we’ve been writing about earlier.

Not to mention having a BBQ or just sit and chat all night with all the friends which also stays around this farm we are staying at - sometimes we can be quite a lot of people - the same friends are coming back year after year. The more the merrier! One evening - or I may say morning - we went to bed at 5.30. It was so nice outside that no one wanted to go in!

We’ve been thinking of how it would be to live there during the whole summer, let’s say May to September. Or maybe even move to the island Gotland all year around - then we’re real close to FÃ¥rö and can go there when ever we want. Gotland is a little bigger island than FÃ¥rö and have more “facilities”. The town Visby is a real party town during the summer, so we may escape the “most lively” period to FÃ¥rö in that case. *daydreaming*

I went to Visby one day to enjoy myself (shopping, eating and drinking) when Mr Lifecruiser went to Slite Golf club to play in the Golf event Fårö Masters - a competition he started for 15 years ago. And yes you can congratulate him - he won his own trophy this year plus the long drive competition too - despite the fact that this was the first time this year that he went out on the golf course! The man is still still going strong with other words! Wooohooo!

The great town wall of 3 400 meters is still standing in Visby, as well as about 200 buildings, monasteries, church ruins and a cathedral from Visby’s grandest period. Visby is placed on Unesco’s prestige-filled World Heritage List.

You never get tired of the scenery at FÃ¥rö, it’s very special - as you can see at the top pics on this blog. Every sunset is unique from the other, so beautiful, romantic and giving you such happy feelings. On top of that the sea and the sound of the waves gives you the ultimate inner peace. Ahhh….

This year was the year of butterflies, insects, spiders and bugs for some reason, must be the warmth and dry weather - it didn’t rain there for over 2 months which is very unusual, so the farmers is not that happy. It reduces the harvest and they will be short on food for the animals during the winter.

It’s always so difficult to leave the island with the extra ordinary nature and atmosphere among the people there. As a matter of the fact, Mr Lifecruisers daughter who had planned to stay for maybe 3 weeks and then come back in August again, decided to stay so she’s still there. It’s that hard to leave.

But no matter how fun it is to be away, it’s always soooo nice to sleep in your own bed again and have all your own things around you. Your own kitchen and bathroom, what a luxury.

We have a lot of things to take care of now, not only 4 weeks laundry ;-)

I’ll try to catch up with you all as soon as possible.

Maybe I’ll need 4 weeks to do that…?

Comments on Back to our own bed

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    mrhaney UNITED STATES said:

    well i am glad that you had a great time. four weeks is a long vacation. are you rich? you must be. i had to retire to get four weeks off and then even then i didn’t do it. there is so much work around the house to do.
    getting backl to your own bed is great but the bathroom is even better, especially the can. sitting on a strange toilet does not ever make me a happy camper.
    i was just over at flickr and i was looking at your photos. they are great. well welcome back and start posting, please.

    Lifecruiser: No, we’re not rich - on money - but on Love :-).
    Over here in Sweden every one that work full time have that long paid vacation and even more. That’s one of the big advantages with being Swedish ;-).
    Except from the fact that I’m on a sick leave for the moment and Mr Lifecruiser has his own business which he can manage from distance through internet, email and phone, so he can manage it from abroad too lucky enough.
    Glad you enjoyed our photos and yes, sir, we will start posting right away! *lol*

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    Wystful1 UNITED STATES said:

    Well…it’s good to see you had a wonderful trip, and glad you arrived safely home!!

    Can’t wait for photos. Please do share some!! And let me know when you have some posted, okay?

    Lifecruiser: Of course we’ll do that Wystful1, but I suspect that the photos will be mostly sunsets and butterflies this time. It was too hot to even take shots!

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    Debbie UNITED STATES said:

    Sounds like a wonderful vacation. Look forward to more postings about it and any pics you share! Welcome home!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Debbie, we’ll have to sort out the most successful photos first though :-)

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    Mandy NETHERLANDS said:

    Uh oh 4 weeks of laundry, and I have problems after just one week! :=)

    Glad you are back safely and that you had a wonderful time.


    Lifecruiser: Well, it isn’t as bad as it sounds, because we had such a wonderful weather that we were wearing bikini or shorts all days long, so not that much clothes were getting dirty :-)

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    Dot UNITED STATES said:

    Always feels good to be back home where everything is comfortable, but still we usually feel like we would have loved to extend the vacation a little bit longer– no matter how long it has already been.
    We used to take off on Walt`s vacations from Work and he was always ready to head back home after about 4 days, while I was hoping to stay for the whole week. We seldom stayed more than one night at the same motel as we liked to keep driving, stopping to see whatever we found on the way. More memories from the good old days. maybe his working all week made him prefer home, while my spending day in and day out at home, gave me the lets go somewhere feeling. But, when I also worked, I still would look forward to our yearly weeks vacation.
    So nice that you both are able to go to such fun places for your vacations. Wish you both very many more fun vacations. Travel and enjoy while you can as one never knows what the future holds.

    Lifecruiser: It was something like that with my ex man, but he never wanted to travel, so we didn’t get out of Swedens borders. That’s why I, after the separation from him, decided to travel as much as I can. Luckily Mr Lifecruiser love it as much as I do. And as you say: you never know what the future holds. Especially with my bad back! No, better to live every day to the fullest.

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