Back in town!

Back in town again, since friday evening actually, but we had to sleep and rest a bit after our long journey before we could find the strength to write something here. Pheeeew.

We can not say that we like the weather we find here in Sweden… cold and moisty, rainy yesterday. We are freezing. Coming from 32 degrees celsius and with 29 degrees in the sea in Brazil - how could we….????


At least to Paraguay, we liked that part of our trip the most even though we did not have the sea there. The stay at the guestranch were a wonderful experience, hard to find the right words for it.

As you already guessed, it was hard for us to write during the trip, trouble to find internet connection and have the time to sit down and write too.

We will write all about it now, but it will take some time for us. It is so much to tell about this journey! And we have to sort our the best pictures to show you - we took almost 1000 pictures!!!!

So please have some patience with us before you nag on us that you want to read about it here….

Get On Board!