We are back in Stockholm port again, back from our cruise that should have been from Monday to Friday, but actually made us stay away for two extra days. The cruise should have been from Stockholm to Tallinn, from there to St Petersburg and from there to Helsinki and then back to Stockholm again.

We did cruise to both Tallinn, Estonia and St Petersburg, Russia and from there to Helsinki, Finland, which we will show you photos from and tell you what we did think about that – as soon as we have recovered a bit, plus sorted our photos.

…but instead of going from Helsinki back to Stockholm, we escaped!!! Yes, you read right, we didn’t walk the plank, but we did abandon the ship in Helsinki – and on top of that: we ended up in a jail. Yes, you read right, even though we hadn’t done anything criminal…

To survive we simply had to drink both more Champagne than we had planned (such a tough life!) and taste Russian Vodka too!

You will have to wait another day or two (or even more) for the story about our latest cruise "adventure" though, since we need to gain some more strength to write about it. So stay tuned…

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2 Comments on “Back in Stockholm port again”

    Emma said:

    You ended up in jail!? I’m looking forward to that story!!

    Asides from that part – the cruise sounds like a dream!

    Ginnie said:

    OMG. We have to wait to find out what happened????

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