Ryanair airplane wing at landing in Stockholm Skavsta

We’re back home after our budget trip to Bratislava and Vienna! Had an excellent time with warm and sunny weather. We didn’t want to go home…!

Especially since it’s very dark clouds and rainy here in Stockholm and more than 10 degrees colder. We had about 32 degrees Celsius (89.6 F) over there and it’s max 14 (57.2 F) over here.

Weather coming from Stockholm Skavsta Airport

This was the sight meeting us on our way home from the airport. Brrrr. We’re freezing now.

Where did the time go? Suddenly our wonderful trip is over… *sigh*

Everything went very smoothly and in our own pace we got everywhere just in the right time without any stress. Only thing not so perfect was that I got a severe ear ache at landings this trip. Maybe my cold I had weeks before the trip is not quite over?

We have slept like rocks this night, our own bed really rocks!

Now we have a lot to tell you about our trip and a lot of photos to sort as usual, but the upcoming posts will be with more details. I’ll break it up into several partial posts, to describe everything and to get them up here as soon as possible.

I’m way behind with my blogging schedule – even with earlier trips!

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14 Comments on “Back home to bad weather”

    Gattina said:

    Poor girl ! I can feel with you ! here too it’s cold and it rains and I even had to put the heating on ! it is a shame ! Now I am curious to see your holiday report !

    Gattinas last blog post..

    RennyBA said:

    Welcome home, I’m glad your back safe and sound!

    I saw the weather forecast for Oslo, so I decided to go to Milan for a week instead – well kind of kidding: I’m here at The World Computer Congress 2008, so its business. But the weather is just lovely: sunny and 28C.

    RennyBAs last blog post..Bergen in Norway with Fish Market and Edvard Grieg

    RennyBA said:

    Well, I guess I have to log off to my VPN account, to prove I am in Italy :lol:

    RennyBAs last blog post..Bergen in Norway with Fish Market and Edvard Grieg


    Sorry that the weather at home isn’t as warm as you would like, but glad you had a great trip. You are right…our own beds to indeed rock. Have a great day. Big hug. :)

    Comedy Pluss last blog post..I ? Your Blog

    DianeCA said:

    I bet that was a bit of a shock to the system!! It is pretty cold and grey here too so I know what you mean. Makes you appreciate your trip even more. But of course there is no place like home, and I am sure there are a lot of good feelings coming back once you get settled in.

    DianeCAs last blog post..Release party! I am published!

    Maribeth said:

    Welcome home Captain! I hope you had some good Wiener Schnitzel!

    Maribeths last blog post..Love

    Tim said:

    We know the feeling all to well ( her i vestlandet ) – especially when we returned from the U.S. desert weather to this. Ugh. Oh well . . . there’s always an escape to somewhere warmer. Either that or a warm fire and soup. ;)

    Tims last blog post..Friendship

    TorAa said:

    We say:
    East west – home is best

    But, that does not mean we don’t want read about your trip. Oh, no, we want. But keep it to the official part. LOL.

    Raining here as well. And it’s chilly. Even the Cats stays inhouse.

    btw: We have talked with the proper weather Gods. They will present (and have promised) an unforgettable Indian Summer in 2 weeks time. Hurray.

    TorAas last blog post..TORsday – recipes from the Norwegian Kitchen – with some word spices

    Mar said:

    Sending sunshine before departure!!

    Mars last blog post..this is a real break

    Mar said:

    Ahhh, love seeing these little flags!

    Mars last blog post..this is a real break

    Cecil Lee said:

    Bravo Captain! Sure you have had a wonderful trip to Bratislava and Vienna. You just made a good example on how a fun and exciting budget trip should be. Now it’s your time to get back to work, your crews are all waiting! He…he… :mrgreen:

    Debbie said:

    Waaaa, we never go anywhere as exciting as you do! Maybe one day when we no longer have kids to deal with or worry about! Sounds like you had a great time and I look forward to reading all about it!

    We are starting to cool down but after the hot summer I am looking forward to it! Gives me incentive to finish my sweaters and shrugs! Maybe a hat or two!

    Hope the ear gets better!

    Debbies last blog post..FFE Question Of The Week

    maryam in marrakech said:

    Isn’t Vienna just so very beautiful?! I loved it:)

    Ling said:

    Testing, captain. Let’s hope this one gets through. :)

    Lings last blog post..TravelMuse Rocks & Scoble Sucks

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