Well, what arrival we had…. The suitcases did not make it all the way to Cleveland! And with all my absolutely favourite clothes in it… Do I need to tell you that I was nervous????

But they did arrive a day later, pheeeew. Just two small items missing and that was chocolate, Marabous double nougats, which is dangerous delicious, which we had bought to Miss Ass. Lifecruiser. I guess she will survive without it :-) Maybe the staff in the security check thought that it was something else inside such as haschisch OR most likely, they just were in the mood for some really good chocolate. I do hope that they did eat it, what a waste otherwise!

The flights went really well, it did not feel like we were flying that long, but it was a little bit stressful in the Newark airport when trying to make it in time for the connection flight to Cleveland, pheeew. We had to run out of the airplane and all the way to the gate, so poor Mr Lifecruiser was totally covered in sweat, the poor man. He had to carry the luggage between the immigrant checking and the check-in desk.

The women in the check-in desk sent us to the extra x-ray control, unfortunately, the man there seemed to be surprised over that, so we think that it was the reason for our luggage not to make it with our plane. Maybe she saw how covered in sweat Mr Lifecruiser was and thought that oh, my god, what he is nervous…. :-)

Everything from that point has been well, except from that we do not have had the time (or the comp. connection) to post here on

For the moment we are staying in Mr Lifecruisers brothers son-in-laws house and we must admit that this is a very very classy hotel ;-) We can get use to this luxurous life…!

We do not feel strange about being here, we sort of fit in here, but in other senses not. (Do not make us try to explain that further!)

Ooooh, yesterday evening we got to smell the smell from a skunk for the first time in our lifes, interesting do not you think? *laughing* We did not see it, just smell it….and that was enough…

We also went downtown west Cleveland and took a drink in a bar at the waterfront there, watching the sunset. Very nice indeed. Actually, you know that B-word we can not say? It is still with us… I had to take a couple of whiskys to ease the tooth ache I have. (OK, I can hear you mumbling now that, that was the most lame excuse you have heard to drink whisky)

Cheers every one!

4 Comments on “Arrival to US”

    Miss.Ass.Lifecruiser said:

    My luck continues…. no chocolate… I bet Mrs Lifecruiser did forget to bring any… so now she’s blaming the staff at the airport! *lol*…

    Hope you are having a great time in Cleavland even though everything seems to be a bit unorganized…. just like here!

    Looking forward to see you both soon…..The question is where?? Here in IL..or OH..or TX..or……

    Mandy said:

    Glad you arrived ok, even though the journey wasn’t so good and u losing the suitcase too! I remember losing my suitcase once, but got it back after 2 days.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip :)

    Lifecruiser said:

    We are enjoying our selves, thats why we do not have time to write as much as we want here :-)


    One home remedy that can help is with whiskey or brandy. This might seem a bit extreme but I am not recommending that you try to get drunk while you have your toothache. :D

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