So time to be tagged again by Ev Nucci at My life is murphy’s law, this is an easy meme that I can spit out at once, thankfully it don’t demand any intelligence from this sea pea brain I have for the moment ;-)

It’s generator for Aristocratic titles. Instead of choosing just one of those titles the system delivers to you, I decided to pick a word here and there and put it together for us 2. Well, I took away one letter here and there too, just because it’s more fun… *giggles*

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Baron & Baroness Mad Lifecruiser the Rearend Smelly Underfoot St Giggleswitch of Sexchestershire
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Ooooh, how I wanna say that after a couple of glasses… eh… OK, bottles of champagne!

Stop marking my words like that! *giggles*

Look what the Captain was told:

My Fortune Cookie told me:
You have been selected for a secret mission. You will hear from us again.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

This sounds really promising… Maybe there will be more than one secret island….? *giggles*

…not to mention Mr Lifecruiser:

My Fortune Cookie told me:
A man can’t walk on water, but anyone can walk on custard.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

That is soooo Mr Lifecruiser, who happens to LOVE custard. He drinks it like soup – me too! Though I’m not really sure I wanna walk on custard, butt maybe take a bath…? *giggles*

I tell you, I’m a totally rookie when it comes to Fortune cookies, they’re very rare here in Sweden, maybe in some Chinese Restaurants, butt how would I know since (whispering: don’t tell anyone!) – I’m not that fond of chinese food…

Give me some Greek, Spanish, Mexican, Cajun or maybe even Indian food – yummy!!!!

My, all this talk made me hungry….

Yeah, I know, I’m weird – what else is new on this earth….? *giggles*

Captain Giggleswitch Lifecruiser

PS. Please feel free to be tagged by this meme! *giggles*

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4 Comments on “Aristocratic cookie rookie”

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    Hey: walking on water is no problem – in Scandinavia in the winter time!! LoL

    Ev Nucci UNITED STATES said:

    Well Baroness Mad Lifecruiser the Rearend Smelly Underfoot St Giggleswitch of Sexchestershire….I freaking love it! I really do. How cool was this? It was idiot proof right?

    And wasn’t it fun playing with that goofy thing? LOL….just call me Empress Ev!!!! It goes together doesn’t it?

    Wait till I tell hubby about this…he’ll be on the floor!!!!! Then I’ll move him to his knees! After all…I am an Empress!

    Ev Nucci UNITED STATES said:

    OOOOOh how cool is your fortune cookie. Mine scares me a little!!

    aka R'acquel said:

    Same for me too. Curious to know how you whisper towards Thai food ;)

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