Sunday 21th of November the 25th Atlantic Rally for Cruisers started. 2,700 nautical miles over the Atlantic Ocean from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia – an island in the Lesser Antilles, Rodney Bay. Impressive 233 yachts (26 nations) participates 2010.

Almost every popular boat builder of the last 40 years is represented in the Cruising Division. Sweden has 5 yachts participating. 4 of them in the Division I Cruising: Andriette, Ellen, Marta, Wind of Gothenburg and 1 in Division: V Open: S/Y Thindra.

We can’t help it, but we have a favorite among those: S/Y Thindra, a Swan 59. Why? We admit that the main reason is because a Swedish radio action reporter is aboard. He participated even in 2009 years ARC.

He is a long time favorite radio reporter of mine who is a really relaxed and very fun guy, just look at this video of how he did “practice” before this Atlantic cruise!

Though also because the crew at S/Y Thindra seem to be able to create such a great atmosphere for their passengers in their ordinary cruise business. I wish to go on one of their cruises one day!

As one of them wrote on the S/Y Thindra Yacht Blog: We avoided scolding.

“It was very crowded when more than 200 boats set off at once. A yacht from Croatia had a skipper who yelled at his crew when they did not get up the gennackern. He even left the wheel empty and ran on deck, shouting and complaining. We here at Thindra only shook our heads and thought about how much fun they will have”.

There were some worries the day before start because there were hardly any wind at all, but it seems like it all went well after all.

Now, they may have some motion of the sea and let’s hope they’ll not get any motion sickness – I wonder if I would, being on the yacht? I’d probably have to stay up on the deck all the time…

He reported Swedish Pyttipanna as the first dinner aboard, a great, easily eaten dish. Oh, and that the night were so chilly that they all had to wear long johns… *giggles*

In the 2009 years ARC, there were actually a Swedish yacht as the over all winner in Division I Cruising: Amoress II and other Swedish ones in the top 4 of Class A, so who knows what is going to be the end results this year?

They’ll reach their destination St Lucia, in the beginning of December. You can keep an eye on their and their competitors way there at the link below.

Live Adventure Tracking Atlantic Rally Cruisers 2010

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5 Comments on “ARC 2010: Atlantic Rally Cruise Gran Canaria – Saint Lucia”

    TorAa said:

    Ok, we will keep an eye on them, when we cross the Pond in early December.
    He looks like a great person the reporter…

    btw. One of the Guests at Anna’s 3×20 have actually participated a couple of times.


    Cool post, would love to check this out sometime!

    Gattina said:

    That’s quiet an event !


    I wish though, that it were we, YOU and all our blog friends that were doing this cruise!!! What a dream!!!!

    barbara.isidori said:

    The 25th edition of the ARC 2010, the most prestigious sailing competition in the Atlantic started from Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) to get to Rodney Bay Marina, Island of Saint Lucia (West Indies), was completed yesterday, December 18 2010, crowned as winners absolute Cruising Division of the boat Cosimo (French flag) with Italian owner, Mr. Marco Rasimelli fromf Perugia, skipper Mr. Manoe Dimarti from Porto San Giorgio (FM) and entirely Italian crew.

    (Overall Winner of the Cruising Division, Cosimo (French flagged, with Italian owners and crew) http://www.worldcruising.com/arc/newsarticle.aspx?page=S634283605634846781&ArchiveID=1&CategoryID=71&ItemID=21072&src source =)

    Despite this year’s Atlantic crossing in the Aliseo has definitely hiding and unusual weather conditions have slowed the pace of all the boats, the crew of Cosimo was able to cross the finish line in spectacular fashion, winning the first position

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