“It does not matter that the one you are together with is ugly, because you can wash his hair and give him new clean clothes and he will be fine”.

[ Siri, 7 year ]

How cute…. ? Why not accept him as he is? Who says that anyone is ugly? Is it possible at all to think that the one you love is ugly?

For me it is the inside that counts, really. If the inside is good, then the person is beutiful in my eyes. As the opposite, if the person know too well that he/she is handsome, they always act like they know it, taking advance of it etc. Then I found this person just plain awful.

The most ugly persons I know is the ones that think that they are so beutiful!!!

Come to think about it, Mr Lifecruiser needs a haircut… No, it is not me that want him to do that :-) , he has been talking about it for several weeks now. I think it is interesting to see how long it will grow before he actually does it. I like to drag my fingers through his hair… and make it stand straight out from his head. There is no chance of that normally. He looks so cute then, like a crazy professor.

Maybe it is because I always look that way myself in the mornings….?

Like Einsteins sister, then you know the hairstyle exactly. Wild is the best word for it. I do not know what I am doing in the nights that creates this tousled hair of mine. Hm…. Or maybe it is Mr Lifecruiser that is making it tousled…? Anyway, I could do with a haircut myself, but do I really need it now? We have gone into hibernation, there is not going to be more than a few people that we see. No, it can wait.

So, we will see which one of us that does the first haircut….

We have come into a certain amount of sloppiness for the moment, bearly coping with the normal daily routines, forgetting about showers, not have the energy to wash the hair, brush our teeth until late, there surely is more importent things to do first….?

We blame it on the awful, awful winter, with the awful, awful snow. We really are in hibernation. We have got som provisions, so we do not go out if we are not forced to.

I can persuade myself of anything, as long as I do not need to go out in the cold….

No, we do not need more shampoo… We will wash the hair more seldom.
No, we do not need more soap… We do not need that shower, we skip this day, we have not moved much so how did we get dirty?
No, we do not need more tothpaste, we can skip the morning brushes… or the kisses… no wait, that one is too damn difficult!

Yes, we can live without bread.
Yes, we can survive without the butter.
Yes, we can drink water instead.
Yes, we can cook soup on a nail.
Yes, we can nibble on what we have in stock.
Yes, we can read recipes to drool over in the internet.
Yes, we can survive on our love.

We are ugly and dirty.

*door closed*

4 Comments on “Ugly and dirty”

    Happy and Blue said:

    :roll: Pray for a short winter. Or a sinus infection ,tee,hee..

    Lifecruiser said:

    Uhum, sinus infection probably is needed so we don’t have to feel the smell of us, yes.

    Or, they say that the nose is getting used to certain smelly things after a while, so after a couple of weeks, months or so, we’re not going to be able to smell it….

    Better not to invite any guests though ;-)

    Captshutter UNITED STATES said:

    Ugly is a state of mind. But my mind hasn’t been itself lately.
    Peace and dirty hair grease.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Never mind ;-)

    We are not ourselves either, ever….

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