Alive live at summer paradise island

Where did we go? Did we vanish from the surface of earth? *giggles*

No, we did go to our summer paradise island Fårö, in the north tip of the island Gotland outside Swedens east coast. We use to be here at least 4 weeks and so even this time. The whole July month we’ll be enjoying this fantastic island.

We claim it to be Swedens most beautiful place. It definitely has Sweden best beaches. The sand quality is outstanding, very hard to beat. We have not found this kind of fine sand even abroad in warmer countries. Yes, you’re gonna here me nag about this for many years ahead! *giggles*

Strange enough, on the ferry from Nynäshamn to Visby, the main city at the island Gotland, there were unusual few passaengers, only 540. None of us has expereinced that before and Mr Lifecruiser has gone here about the same date every summer for 30 years!

Have the tourists deserted Gotland - or are they coming over here later on? The weather has been bad in the whole Sweden for the last years, maybe Swedes choose a more certain sun destination somewhere else this year, where the climate is better? We’ll see later on.

The night before our departure, we only had about 3-3,5 hours of sleep. Why? Because we always start packing too late. We’re totally hopeless…

That’s why I haven’t written anything yet. We got here early Thursday and started cleaning the place up and when we were ready with that we kind’a crashed. We slept for 12 hours.

Friday we went shopping for some necessitys and just had a relaxed evening at home. We did drive around a bit to see if everything were the same - and almost. Some minor changes around the island, but not much. Some of our places for evening pleasures has closed though.

Today we’ve just been out in the sun relaxing, enjoying the sun even though it has been very windy. The summer warmth will come though.

Now, we’re at the Strandskogens café, our favorite. We were very pleased to meet our friends, Selene and Paco who runs this café - and to eat Selenes excellent dishes again! We had here home made potatoes and onion soup with truffle oil with homebaked bread. YUMMY x millions!

No photos yet, we’re in a hurry since they’re closing the café now, where we have wireless connection for free.

We had very thrilling news before leaving home - Claudie invited us to France next summer in August and we accepted with big pleasure!

That will be next years highest enjoyment for sure. We’ll meet up with some of the other cruisers, Tor and Anna plus and Renny and Diane.

Have fun in you summer paradise, where ever you are :-)

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Comments on Alive live at summer paradise island

  • 1
    claudie FRANCE said:

    And this is with a big pleasure I learnt you accepted my invitation! What fun in perspectiv!
    Nice to hear you’re arrived on your marvelous paradise! I have still the photos of last year in my mind! I will stay tuned this year again to admire your beautful isle and w!

    claudies last blog post..A cruisers meeting

  • 2
    claudie FRANCE said:

    …watch your summer 2008 adventures!

    claudies last blog post..A cruisers meeting

  • 3
    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    How wonderful that you are in your paradise once again. For us our winter home is also our summer home, so we don’t go away anymore. We do have a few small trips planned, but nothing too far or too exotic. LOL!
    Early next year I must go to Berlin, and maybe next summer we are thinking about Norway! Wouldn’t that be wonderful! I hope it works out!

    Maribeths last blog post..Dackel Princess For President?

  • 4

    Keep telling me about all these wonderful places in Sweden -the land of my ancestors. I love reading about all these spots and keep thinking, just as soon as I win the lottery -and it had best be a really, really big one too -I’m taking a year at least then, to travel and see Sweden!

    Jeni Hill Ertmers last blog post.."Fireworkers!"

  • 5
    Ling MALAYSIA said:

    Captain going to paris? Oh, brother… those bars in Paris are in big trouble.. :)

  • 6
    DianeCA SWEDEN said:

    I will keep checking in. I have some girlfriends that want to take a trip to Gotland, we talk about it every year. There are few in Mariestad this year too. I wonder if maybe they are just arriving later this season. Only time will tell. I have one friend who has traveled to Italy, and one to Greece, but the overall majority of my friends are going to be in norway or sweden. I don’t know if thats a good indicator….hehehe. Hope you get better weather into next week and enjoy those beaches!!

    DianeCAs last blog post..Old fashioned Potato Salad

  • 7
    Mick UNITED KINGDOM said:

    I spent one of the best holidays of my life in Gotland. Enjoy every minute of it.

  • 8
    A. FRANCE said:

    A whole month away! How wonderful for you! Looking forward to seeing some photos :)
    A.s last blog post..Photohunter: pointed

  • 9
    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    Okay, okay, okay: Fårö is great, but give me right in that Mariestad, Vänern’s Pearl is fine too!

    Good to know you are well settled in on your summer paradise like we are and like you: I’ll be on and off to blogsphere.

    Looking forward to see you both at Claudie’s next year and before that at Tor’s in September. Prepare for the biggest hug in your life - and that goes for Mr. Lifecruiser too!

    RennyBAs last blog post..Blog-Blond nominates RennyBA as friendliest blogger!

  • 10
    Rose UNITED STATES said:

    Sounds wonderful! I have not taken a vacation is years. Though. I do live in San Diego so most every day is a vacation in some respects. House prices and traffic are not fun though.

    Roses last blog post..Free Scrapbook Printables

  • 11
    tutubi PHILIPPINES said:

    i miss summer already :(
    good luck on your trips

  • 12
    Mar SPAIN said:

    Enjoy your paradise on earth and keep us posted. Guess who is (most likely) also going go show up at Claudie’s???? :roll:
    Mars last blog post..wordless wednesday [97]: white on blue

  • 13

    I’m so jealous. We were planning to travel to Sweden while we were in Europe a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a reasonable plane ticket from Sweden to London.

  • 14
    filippa DENMARK said:

    Hmmm thank you for inspiring me to do the trip to Gotland. Me and the family have been talking about this for the past 5 years but not really done anything, because of me :)
    filippas last blog post..Naomi psykopat eller geni?

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