Horses in Alcudia Old Town, Majorca, Photo Copyright Lifecruiser

One afternoon/evening we took the car from Alcudia port up to Alcudia town and almost the first we did see after we had parked the car was the horses in the photo above.

Such a wonderful sight! So traditional and so Spanish. I always love to see those Flamenco dresses, don’t you?

Cafe in Alcudia Old Town, Majorca, Photo Copyright Lifecruiser

Mr Lifecruiser and Jane stopped for a minute at the cafe where the riders with their horses were, because one of the horses were a bit scared of another person passing by and made quite a fuss, so they couldn’t pass.

There were also a very nice gathering with restaurants, along the cobbled stone streets. It must be totally filled with tourist in the high season, it were such a great place for dinner out.

Restaurant in Alcudia Old Town, Majorca, Photo Copyright Lifecruiser

I simply loved Alcudia towns old parts and were in heaven. I had problems to really be able to see everything, my head did spin.

We walked around for hours, admiring the whole atmosphere among those old and beautiful buildings. I did my best to catch some of it with my camera, but it was difficult – too narrow to get space enough to get all in the picture that I wanted.

Alley in Alcudia Old Town, Majorca, Photo Copyright Lifecruiser

As you can see, the sun begun to set and created that lovely and very romantic light… Though for once, we were not alone, we were three…

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8 Comments on “Alcudia Old Town, Majorca”

    Maribeth said:

    Lovely shots. It looks warm and romantic!

    Ling said:

    That restaurant pic looks swell. Must be so nice to sit there under the awning with the wide sqaure in front. If they have wi-fi, I could sit there all day. :mrgreen:

    Marco said:

    Wow amazing blog

    Puss in Boots said:

    I love dining outside at a restaurant. Alcudia looks such a lovely place and horses with riders dressed in flamenco style dresses…how picturesque.

    I’ve always heard such a lot about Majorca but, believe it or not, this is the first time I’ve seen photos of anything but the beaches!

    Enjoy your visit.

    claudie said:

    Alcudia seems a nice place! I love flamenco and the beautiful costums too! My new blog will on activation soon ! i found its new name as an evidence as I was gardening during the journey! :smile: :idea:

    Dot said:

    I love seeing pictures of your trips. Next best to actually traveling is seeing pictures of places where others have visited.
    Thanks for sharing your travel pictures.

    Gattina said:

    I don’t know why, but I didn’t like Mallorca at all. On your pictures it looks much better !

    Carmi said:

    What a beautiful place. I can practically feel the spirit of it through your writing and your photos. I definitely need to get out more :) Our town has some very historic areas that are begging for a bit of exploration.

    Good to e-see you again!

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