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Both Mr Lifecruiser and I have some agricultural bloodlines, maybe that’s why we feel so natural with each other and in the nature? *lol*

My bloodlines is a bit more difficult to track than Mr Lifecruisers, so I choose to tell you about his for the moment.

Mr Lifecruisers grandfathers grandfather, Alexander Müller, born at Wellershof in Ober-Pfalz in 1828 (d 1906), once upon a time came here from Leipzig, Germany, to work as a agricultural chemist, helping the Swedish farmers to learn more about agriculture and played a roll in the Swedish agricultural development.

He was a doctor of Philosophy in Leipzig and later became a teacher at the technical and agricultural school in Chemnitz and manager for the agricultural experimental station there.

He married Clara Theresia Kurtzvelly (Germany) and they got their first son in 1854, Georg Alexander Von Müller. He was ennobled because of his great career in the German Marines as an Admiral and as an Adjutant General for emperor Vilhelm II.

Their second son came 1855, Konrad Alexander Müller-Kurzvelly, which later were living in a villa in Berlin and became a known painter of landscape sceneries. There are still a lot of his paintings around.

The Swedish Agricultural Academy got some funds from the Swedish state and hired him (the grandfathers grandfather) as a agricultural chemist in the year of 1856 and he organized The Swedish Agricultural Chemical Experimental Station, which he managed until 1869.

He did very comprehensive work and investigations of the Swedish earth deposits and the natural prerequisites for the farming generally, chemical investigations regarding manure assimilation and questions regarding the milk householding.

This is no bullshit. *giggles*

At the same time he was working as an advisor for the farmers and tried to implement rational scientific basics in the farming and livestocks.

After that he also went to Berlin for a while, to do some more agricultural chemical work, especially to develop a way to gather up and for the agriculture assimilate the cities waste material in the shape of sewage.

I wonder if he was a bit before his time there or if they were that advanced already at that time?

Later on he went back to Sweden and bought the estate Stensjöholm in the South of Sweden, where he continued to succeed with his agricultural work. In the beginning of the twentieth-century the Swedish state’s agricultural academy were located to Stensjöholm which he managed.

It’s said that he was important for the agriculture in Sweden and he showed the way to work the land even in Småland (part of Southern Sweden) where the land were full of rocks.

That’s probably why he ended up in the Nordic Family Book.

His third son, Sven Alexander Müller, born 1857 (d 1940), Mr Lifecruisers grandfathers father, continued in his shoes and educated as an agricultural scientist at Ultuna Agricultural Academy (Uppsala) and then as a manager of Stensjöholm’s Agricultural Academy too.

Stensjöholm were sold in 1918 to a tavern-keeper from Helsingborg, so it ceased to function as an agricultural academy. Sven Alexander Müller sold his estate for 520.000 swedish crowns ($77.000) – which was a huge fortune at that time – and bought an estate in Borås neighborhoud instead for 90.000 sek ($13.322).

The only thing we know after that is that he worked in the experimental field in 1946-1947 outside Stockholm some where.

He focused more on moss culture and I found a reference to an article of some kind (on the internet) that he is supposed to have written for The Swedish Moss Culture Organisation’s Journal that made us curious, so we’re going to the Academy’s Library some day to ask for it!

Even Mr lifecruisers grandfather also named Georg Alexander, were having his agricultural education at Stensjöholm and had a mansion (Liljesta Herrgård nearby Söderköping) in the country in the years 1918-1923 – mostly with grains and only a small livestock.

So, does this mean that I got myself a farmer boy? *lol*

No, Mr Lifecruisers father Sven have no agricultural education, neither does Mr Lifecruiser or his brothers, but on the other hand – there is not much chance for them to run an agricultural estate around Stockholm nowadays!

The chain with family names Sven, Georg and Alexander were broken there at Mr Lifecruisers branch of the family, though Mr Lifecruisers daughter got one of her forenames – Alexandra, after Alexander.

I really wish that we had some photos to go with this post, but we haven’t for the moment. Maybe we can dig some up later on.

I always find it so interesting with old history and especially if it’s in the family :-)

Captain Natura Lifecruiser

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    Sanni said:

    I find old family history interesting, too. A cousin of mine has created a genealogical tree of our family some years ago. Some of our ancestors emigrated to Sweden, like Mr Lifecruiser´s forefather did. Did you know “Müller” is the most common family name in Germany?
    There are 1741 Müller´s living in Düsseldorf :mrgreen:

    Have a great Sunday, Captain Natura Lifecruiser!

    Lifecruiser: I knew that it is very common, butt not that it’s the most common! There is a lot of Müllers in sweden too, I have no idea how many.

    alicia said:

    great stories:mrgreen:

    mar said:

    Family history is always so interesting, glad Mr Lifecruiser knows all this!! who had the sailor ancestor??? happy sunday, Captain Natura Lifecruiser!!!

    Lifecruiser: Hm… I’m not sure – both of us? *lol*

    Gattina said:

    I know now why you are so in love with your Mr. Lifecruiser ! He has a drop of German blood, (I am full blooded, lol), but he had probably a Swedish grandma. I also love old family stories and you gave me an idea. From my fathers side I only know very few things, he never spoke about his grandparents, God knows maybe they were serial killers. But from my mother’s side there are a lot of interesting things. My son just returned to Amsterdam 10 min ago we still have warm weather 25° ! BTW does Sweden have the € ? I know in Finland they have it’s just because you converted into $ so I suppose you haven’t.

    Lifecruiser: Well, she was not pure Swedish she either….Then again, many Swedish family aren’t if you go back a while . Mine is the opposite, Swedish on my fathers side if you go back a while but he never spoke about his family or his own experiences – and on my mothers side: at least Nordic :-)
    Don’t tell me you have 25°… We have 7° – and rain! This passed week we have had very cold winds – brrrr.
    No, we don’t have the Euro – and frankly we don’t want it either, since it’s so common that the prices goes up when introducing the Euro. It’s enough expensive as it is.

    Thomas said:

    On the subject of agriculture, I’m shooting a movie on a farm right now and I’m the only one on the crew that has the presence of mind to stuff my pants into my boots.

    I am, consequently, the only member of the crew to not have insects bite them on their legs and nether-parts.

    Lifecruiser: So are you the only one with a brain there? *giggles* Oh, those summer & country annoyances ;-) At the moment we have only 7°C (44°F) over here so it’s rather free from insects, butt that’s about the only benefit with the cold…. not that Stockholm has much insects normally, butt other parts of Sweden yes!!! The Northern part is horrible when the insects are hatched – I simply refuse to go there on vacation even if it’s very beautiful.

    aka R'acquel said:

    The involvement in the marines raised my eyes as my father’s side has been pretty full on with the navy. Strong interests & aptitude in swimming as well. Makes me wonder if that’s how the theme of seafaring adventures on ships as a captain kind of hovers around in my life now. Or maybe it explains why i enjoy fishing off boats so much. Could it be the same for you in some way? How did the “ship” thing arrive in your life with the blog? What’s the story behind the name Mrs.Lifecruiser? do point me to the link if you’ve already written about it ;0)

    Lifecruiser: I don’t know why, butt both Mr L and me seems to be connected to the Sea somehow. We just love the sea in any way we can get it!!! It must be some inheritage :-)

    Oh, the story behind the name Mrs Lifecruiser. Hm. No, I don’t think I’ve ever written about that. Maybe I will. Let’s just say shortly that it came up in my mind since I want to travel the world and then writing this blog is a bit about my life too, so I’m actually cruising life in every way!

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