Yesterday we celebrated Jane’s birthday with some drinks & snacks since she will not be here when her birthday are, she will be in Spain then with her boyfriend and friends.

Fårö drinks, Sweden

A cool bubbling summer strawberry drink is never wrong, is it…? I must admit that we did choose exactly right things to serve…

We did some snacks to go with the drinks. It is funny, because snack means chat in Swedish, so this was in double meaning an afternoon snack.

Crostini’s with Philadeplhia cheese and olives and some with cheese, red leek and caviar on the top and a plate with Cauliflower with olive oil, apple vinegar and spices.

Fårö, more snacks on the table with summer flowers

Then we had some others too with the same topping, but on a Gotlandic baked bread called Danish Brack which has some seeds in it. With lower carbohydrates in the bread – which we like since we keep the carbohydrates as low as possible.

Fårö snacks, Sweden

We had a nice time chatting with every one and decided that this is something we will do again: drinks and snacks in the afternoon. It’s just perfect for the appetite…

And yes, she got her birthday gifts now already, though I forgot to take any photos of it – and I forgot to take photos of us all at the table – I was too hungry!

Lifecruiser Birthday Festivities

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    It was Jane’s 27th birthday here at the summer farm! She has been here since she was born, every summer!

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