I always find it so sad with abandoned boats, wondering what story is behind it. So also with this boat we found at Fårö island at the northern tip of Gotland island at the east coast of Sweden.

faro-abandoned-boat1, Gotland, Sweden

Left in the nature. Alone for ever…? Make me wanna turn it around and look for some oar and drop it in the sea again….

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5 Comments on “Abandoned Boat With No Coat”


    That’s a sad scene – boats are made to sail. I wouldn’t leave it there if I had one. :-)


    Me neither! Always something sad or melancholic over abandoned things, boats or houses or whatever… *sigh*

    Eric said:

    Hope maybe this ship belong to one of our swedish friends!

    claudie said:

    When I see a boat like that I become melancholic too! And try to imagine its owner, its old adventures…It is so poetic too!


    Yes, Claudie – exactly: very poetic :-) )))

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