Lifecruisers kissing at Iguazu falls
Wordless Wednesday

We’ll never forget the wet moment at the Iguazu falls on the border between Brazil and Argentina…..

It was there we went out on the speed boats with 2×100 horse power engines to be showered under the falls and man, did we get wet… and my clothes were rather transparent… uhum…


Captain Wet Lifecruiser

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    Works for me! Looks like lots of fun. Back to the room, get out of those wet clothes, then… then back to sightseeing!

    Lifecruiser: Exxcept that the room were far away with a long bus ride in between…

    Thomas said:

    Wow, this is so lovely it almost makes me want to apologize to my girlfriend for whatever it is she’s mad at me about, today.

    Lifecruiser: Maybe you should start the day with an apologize just to make sure, since you seem to be so unsure of what it is that you have done :-) Just to be on the safe side. *giggles*

    Rav`N said:

    looks like an incredibly beautiful spot. lucky you

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it sure was a once in a lifetime experience!!!!!

    madd said:

    awesome it

    Lifecruiser: Ah, thanks Madd :-)

    Sanni said:

    You both turtle doves are blessed to have each other!
    I guess I´ve seen more kissing pictures here than anywhere else :wink:

    The Iguazu falls in the background look amazing, too. *LOL*

    Now I won´t disturb any longer – keep on kissing, Captain!

    Lifecruiser: I know, I know…. *smooch*

    Irish Church Lady said:

    So what’s the precipice called? Makeout point? ;-)

    Lifecruiser: Now it is….. *giggles*

    Rose said:

    First allow me on congratulating you for being blog of the week. There is nothing like sharing a kiss under the falls. What a sweet comment.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Rose, it’s always nice to be in the spotlight :-)

    RennyBA said:

    What a great shot of a lovely memory – thanks for sharing!
    Btw: Don’t get me wrong, but mine is up too – and quite wet as well LoL

    Lifecruiser: Soooo, it’s up huh? *lol* I better check it then!

    Melli said:

    I do HOPE you have this picture framed and hanging on your wall! This has got to be the perfect kiss photo! Those waterfalls are GORGEOUS! Holy schmoly!

    Lifecruiser: No, we don’t actually, but this scene is burnt on our cornea for ever….. *dreamy sigh*

    Gattina said:

    Please don’t change the background on this photo !! It looks so beautiful !

    Lifecruiser: It is….. *dreaming about going back*

    amy said:

    what a beautiful photo with a lovely memory. I would love to visit there

    Lifecruiser: Mmm, who wouldn’t… Even more after have seen it in real life! I wanna experience it again!

    TorAa said:

    Iguazu, sounds like a wet kiss. I don’t know why I haven’t been there…

    btw. Sorry for have been unpresent lately. My back is a h**l for the time beeing. Sitting is very painful, walking ha-ha what a joke – need at rollator – bed is best. Hence this short comment.

    Lifecruiser: You know, I’m very surprised that more people don’t know about the Iguazu falls, since they are way more beautiful than Niagara falls and bigger and MORE and better organized, coming closer to the falls etc.

    Poor you. Take care of your back!

    Gina said:


    Lifecruiser: You don’t say? *giggles*

    Gina said:

    PS…I think I have figured this out…I’m going up, Cap’n!

    Lifecruiser: Sooo, you haven’t read the Cyber cruise alendar obviously, you had the info there :-D

    Michelle in MX said:

    How sweet and darling!
    Happy WW!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Michelle :-)

    Hootin' Anni said:

    So, what you’re telling us about the ‘wet kiss’ and the transparent clothing….you were literally showing your TITS!!

    Happy day Captain!!

    Lifecruiser: Yes…. and ass I might add…. Well, I suppose no one died from the experience…. *LMAO*

    TorAa said:

    OMG, I would not believe it, but I managed to post a “memory”. Took me several hours – resting my grrr back, but felt I had to, since I possibly will be away for a while.

    hugs to you and all other cruise members. I’ll read when in place.

    Lifecruiser: Oh, such a wonderful trip that seemed to have ben! I wanna go thee too! NOW….

    Gina said:

    I never claimed to be the smartest hand on deck, Cap´n!

    Lifecruiser: WHAT? You don’t mean that you’re eggxcatly like ME? *lol*

    aka R’acquel » Memory Lane said:

    [...] I’m late with my memory picture journey with things being so busy, but here is one of [...]

    Lifecruiser: Wonderful share with us R’acquel :-)

    Angela Giles Klocke said:

    What a beautiful shot!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks :-)

    aka R'acquel said:

    Probably one of the most dramatic kisses i’ve ever seen to date. Very stunning. Who took the photo? :-)

    Lifecruiser: It was verrry romantic…. The photo was taken with our camera, but of our hostess at the ranch we were staying on in Paraguay. We were taking a bus to the falls together, a bunch of people from the ranch. A wonderful trip all together!!! A once in a lifetime experience.

    Tips on how to kiss said:

    Who took the photo? really beautiful. I loved it.

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