Coming Right Up
Coming Right Up, 1956.
Oil on canvas. Gil Elvgren.

So, it really did pay off, may buttkicking of the A-Team Cruisers! You’re buttshaking like never before…. *giggles*

Just take a look at the announcements of the upcoming cruise ports in the end of this post – quite impressive or what do you say???

And that only in one day, oh, my, you really had things hidden in your treasure boxes…

I remember once when I worked in an IT Helpdesk. There were some very sweet ladies calling from Töcksfors from now and then, that weren’t at all used to the data system they were using and we were supporting them.

They were so sweet and so thankful against us, so it were a pleasure to help them every time. (As a difference from certain others…)

One time they called and had some problem with the printer and I tried to get her to explain the problem. Tough job with someone that don’t know anything I can tell you. Well, I sorted it out anyway and after some adjustments they also needed to do some power off/on to see if it had helped.

During this call she had to run back and forward between the phone and the printer for every thing I asked about, so the last time she sounded quite out of breath – and VERY nervous. She pushed the power button and waited for just a second and then run back to me.

She: – It didn’t work!!!

Me: – What does the display says now?

(she running back and forward)

She: – Warning something

Me: – What something?

(she running again)

She: – U and P (spelling the U and P very loudly)

Me: – Strange, I’ve never heard of that error message…

…and then it hitted me!!!

It actually said: “WARMING UP” – since she had just done power on and the printer took its’ time, she was too fast.

I excused me and pushed the secrecy button so she couldn’t hear me and broke down totally in giggle attacks… I didn’t want her to hear that because she was sooo sweet, so when I was ready I came back to her and ended the call properly.

She was so afraid of these new data monster machines that she was convinced that everything had to do with errors!

Awww…. That was just so sweet…

I tell you, there were times like this when I was very happy that there were a secrecy button on that phone, because I’ve been the worst giggle machine in the whole world!!!! I’ve had giggle attacks out of NOTHING!!!

That was just a little WARMING UP story before the two cruise stops we have to do today…

Have a giggling fun Friday :-)

Captain Giggles Lifecruiser

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6 Comments on “A-Team Cruisers buttshaking”

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    Hi ButtShaker – a kick from you is always a pleasure!

    Great story and you know what: I was Executive Support Manager once so had plenty of the same kind of experiences. Let me share one:
    They had trouble with their accounting system and we asked them to send a copy of their customer database on a diskette (yea, it was back in the previous millennium LoL). So what they did was to ‘copy’ a diskette on their xerox and send us the paper copy :-)

    Btw: Thanks again for plugging me and I do hope all Cruisers will come and visit The City with The Big Heart!
    Other than that: have a lovely weekend – I will; brining my lovely wife to our paradise in Sweden!


    UP…Bwahahahah, I know this gal was a blonde. She just had to be. Here in the US, blonde jokes are a favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I’m blonde too, but your story makes a great blonde joke. Have a great day. :)

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    LOL! I hate that warming up error! Thank goodness for Tor and Renny! They do keep us in travels, don’t they?!

    TorAa said:

    Hi Captain, here I wake up in the middle of the Night (something with age I’m told – *giggles*) and what do I find: A warming up story. I need a Cooling down story. LOL
    Sweet ladies from Töcksfors any way. I’m sure you can write a book from your periode at the Help Desk.
    Thanks for plugging. And for all the new exiting places we are going to visit.

    Have a wonderful Sunday

    hugs from the Summerhouse


    You mind if I steal this story for ? I’ll will kep your (c) and link to you:)


    Totally OK to share if keeping a link back Alex, go ahead :-) )))

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