Shouting out in the blogosphere:

“Nine o’clock and all is well!”

I like Fridays. Especially this one. It seems to be a quiet evening at home. Ahhh! After all that has happened lately we really appreciate that…

My sister is still in the hospital, but she is much better. We’ve visited her today too. It’s no fun being there, nothing to do, so we all try to visit when we can. Almost every day.

My best friend Miss Ass. Lifecruiser is, uhum, for the moment rather well and at home. She is still waiting for the test results - very unusual hormone tests that takes time. Very frustrating!

There have been a lot of other obstacles lately, which I won’t write about here, because it involves other people that I don’t want to hang out here, let’s just say that it has been rather exhausting…. *lol*

Tomorrow I’ll probably visit my sister again (the days just fly by!) while Mr Lifecruiser is playing in his golf club competion. He were hitting some golf balls today and did pretty well, so it’s promising for tomorrow.

A good luck kick in the butt to Mr Lifecruiser ;-)

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    Froggie CANADA said:

    Happy to hear that your Friday is nice and peaceful. Sounds like you have been having lots happeneing.

    Good luck to Mr. Lifecruiser in the golf club competition tomorrow. :-)

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Froggie. We’re enjoying the peace. Well, except for the phone call I had from my friend where she were out having a lot of fun from what I’ve heard… *lol* But I really thinks she needed it. She is worth it.

    Napfisk BELGIUM said:

    See, that’s just what you talked about in the previous post about blogging: you just write the stuff that comes into your head and you stand behind it. If I did that, people would get scared, I think, lol.

    Seriously though, hospitals suck, but we’re lucky to have them, I guess. I hope all the frustrations and obstacles are soon behind you.

    Take care!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Napfisk. Are you sure? You never know before you’ve tried. Maybe you would be surprised…? And about hospitals, they were better in the past, over here. I’m stunned that the evolve has gone backwards. *sigh*

    Marti UNITED STATES said:

    Happy Friday! :)

    Lifecruiser: Yes, we certainly had that, hope yours were too :-)

    Bar Bar A UNITED STATES said:

    Hi There just kind of found your blog but I feel like I’ve been here before. This is one VERY COOL blog, it’s clean and simple yet has so many cool things on it - like this groovy preview that allows me to see this comment as I type it! :grin:

    I am having a quiet Friday too - hope the rest of your weekend goes well.

    Lifecruiser: Warmth welcome Bar Bar A, pleased to meet you :-) Thanks for your kind words. Yet, I’ve been thinking for a long while to do a re-design of some kind, but I never seem to come up with something else we like - I’m a little picky when it comes to myself I guess ;-) I’ll pop over to check your’s out too!

    claudie FRANCE said:

    dear Mrs Lifecruiser
    When you will see your sister at hospital give her a bigfrench kiss from France and say her I think to her! I was at hospital three month ago and it was so difficult when I come back at home! She needs lot of LOVE and to visit her is a very important think!
    You are a merveillous sister!

    Lifecruiser: Thank you. I will. That’s sweet of you Claudie :-)

    Dot UNITED STATES said:

    I read about your sister on your Mom`s blog. Glad to hear she is doing better. Also hope your friends test results are good ones.
    I have never seen a geyser except in pictures. They must be great to see when they are active.
    Hope you and your hubby are getting over your colds and starting to feel much better.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it’s really a relief. Oooh, the geysers, is magnificent with their powerfuls outbursts. Truly amazing to see. Quite an experience, hard to forget. Thanks for your well-wishings, we’re still coughing though.

    martin UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Hello folks!

    Sorry but I have been away but it is nice to be back!

    I hope your sister gets well soon, my thought are with her.

    Keep smiling!!!!

    Love Martin

    Lifecruiser: Welcome back lovely Martin :-) Thanks, she need that. Well, you know us, it’s not that easy to bring us down, we keep smiling until we’ll die I think. Even if it will be a stiff smile ;-)

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