A perfect day in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and capital of Scandinavia, would be during summertime. It’s then you really can take advantage of what gave it the nicname The Northern Venice – the waterways both in the lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea which is surrounding the city from all directions.

Sweden, Stockholm Old Town WaterfrontStockholm Old Town waterfront

Stockholm don’t feel like a big capital city, more like a romantic city just like Venice with it’s old architecture and canals, except that Stockholm don’t have the gondola rides. Instead there are plenty of boats in the city, since it consists of 14 islands combined with many different bridges. It’s also both very green and clean, one of the cleanest capitals in the world.

There are several guided boat tours to take, as well as opportunites to hire a boat or kayak and paddle your own "gondola" and sing romantic songs for your beloved one to make this day perfect. If you don’t bring your love with you, there is always the chance of meeting someone (there is a high density of singles in this city!). Why not take an old steamboat cruise, if you want a more unusual boat cruise?

Stockholm is a city with surprisingly many restaurants because the Swedes are very fond of international cuisine, but I suggest that you find yourself one in the waterfront where you can sit and enjoy the sea breeze while different boats is passing by. Perhaps a romantic boat cruise in the evening where dinner is served aboard.

The city has numerous green parks, so if you want a more budget alternative, you could buy something to eat in a local grocery stores or covered markets, there are plenty of ready-made dishes, salads and delicacies to bring with you outdoors and have a picnic somewhere nice.

A very popular picnic place is out on Djurgården, where also many other attractions are located, such as museums, Kaknästornet (tower with great views), Skansen (outdoor museum), the amazing Wasa War Ship museum – and the amusement park Gröna Lund if you are up to a rollercoaster ride and other terrifying rides.

If you want some exercise that is not too exhausting, there is different walking tours in the city, like the ABBA city walk, Millennium tour, rooftop walks or ghost walks in the evening darkness. Or why not rent a bike from one of the many bike stands?

Stockholm is a wonderful city to explore by your own, very safe and not too big to get totally lost within either. Your chances to get a perfect day are big, but as usual: it’s your own choice to have fun or not and remember, if you’re coming here: don’t forget to tell me about it so I may help you to experience that perfect day!

Some special dates to visit:

  • Around the 20th of April: the pink cherry tree’s in bloom in the Kungsträdgården making a fantastic flower walk path which gets many Stockholmers out of their winter hibernation to enjoy the spring sun and an icecream in the park.
  • 6th of June: Sweden’s National Day, mostly in the Kings Garden with some performances and tents with food and drinks. You could also get a glimpse of the Swedish royals passing by if keeping an eye on their schedule.
  • Second Wednesday in June (June 12, 2013): The Archipelago Steamboat Day (actually in the evening only), departures from Strömkajen. Check with Stockholm tourist office to verify date and available tickets out to Waxholm.
  • Midsummer Eve Celebration, June 21, 2013: If not invited to a Swedish Midsummer Festive event by friends with family, the best choice would be to go to Skansen, the outdoor museum where public traditional celebration always is held as well.

Of course there are many other dates where special events may be hold too, but these ones above might be the most special or traditional ones.

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    Fida said:

    I love Stockholm. I just looked at your Cherry bloom page, and I definitely have to return during that time of the year. It looks amazing.


    In that case, be sure to tell us when you do Fida, so we can give you even more insider tips and also: meetup (if we are in Stockholm then) and be your personal tour guides :-)

    Fida said:

    Sweet you, thank you. That sounds fabulous, and I will take you up on it. I hope to get there next spring because my plans for this May are already set in stone. Can’t wait though! :-)

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