I love my blogger friends and especially one today!!! I’ve received a package from Debbie in US. As my regular readers know, she is the most kind and generous blogger and very skilled in all kind of crafts.

Just have a look what she just sent me!

Thank you from the bottom of my Debbie – they are all so gorgeous, much appreciated and very precious to me now, because I know that YOU my dear friend have spent a lot of time making them for me. You’re such a sweetie!

This is one of the reasons why blogging is such a pleasure and so many get stuck here in the blogosphere – we have a lot of fun hanging out in each other blogs and being very, very good friends!!!

“Friends are the sunshine of life.”

(John Hay)

Well, today you know that some of your nice sunbeams reached all the way to Stockholm!

Make sure to visit Debbies blog Fruity Spirit and tell her how wonderful these gifts – and she – are :-)

Captain You Lifecruiser

5 Comments on “A package arrived from US”

    Debbie said:

    You are very welcome! :wink:

    Debbies last blog post..Monday Once Again

    Mar said:

    Debbie is very talented (and generous!) and you are a happy Captain now :wink: Beautiful gifts!

    Mars last blog post..Photo Hunt and Alphabet Photo Challenge

    Maribeth said:

    Those are just lovely!

    Maribeths last blog post..Saturday Scavenger Photo Hunt

    TorAa said:

    I’m a very simple person.
    When I do see gifts like this from blogger to blogger, my eyes, well, they goes wet. I do think these kind of gifts symbolize how we humans love peace and good relationship.
    Like when we met at wonderful Farö last year. We are a kind of Family. Even, for most of us, virtual. That’s important.

    Tor and Anna

    btw. My X is here with us at at the Summerhouse. She is like a sister. And Anna and S goes very well together. I do the shopping – incl new plants, flowers, soils etc
    - and our 2 Cats are mating – first and last time. We’ve seen male Cats we have never seen before. One of them, I’ll post tomorrow is the one we would prefere as father. But we aRE NOT Cats. LOL.

    Now, it’s time for espesso and Calva.
    klemmer til dere begge

    TorAas last blog post..PhotoHunt Saturday May 10-2008: ANYone needs it

    SwordMama said:

    They are so beautiful! That is really SWEET of her!

    SwordMamas last blog post..Day83-Project365

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