A mouth full

Lifecruisers dentist chair

Today we’ve had a mouth full with the dentist. Mostly because of the fact that it was so early in the morning. At least it was early for us night owls: 11 o’clock… *yawn*

Isn’t it strange that our teeth shall begin to fuss with us just before or during a trip? And both of us every time now.

I’ve never had that problem with my teeth before, I have really good quality, quite the opposite from Mr Lifecruiser. Except since I did a big fix with special porcelain crowns at my last dentist. She obviously did a poor job, or at least with a bad quality of the material - this one lasted for about 2 years, just long enough to let the guarantee time pass…

Very irritating, so I switched dentist to Mr Liferuisers, who said that he thought that the crown were a bit thin, he would’nt have done it that way. He fixed it temporarily then. It sucks that I paid over 6000 Swedish crowns (over $800) for these two crowns to be really sure that they would be good for quite a while and then this happens. I’m just waiting for the other one to crack.

Mr Lifecruiser had this time lost 3 fillings in a short time. One of the teeth in the front, so I tell you he was really HOT ;-) You could believe he had been in a fight. Except that anyone that knows us, know that he is even more peaceful than I am…

We couldn’t let him travel to Ireland like that or…? I mean, think about it, an Irish pub in Dublin a late night - some one could think that he was looking for a bar fight ;-)

While he was in the dentist chair being tortured I was tortured in the waiting room. No, I don’t mean by other patients, even if I sometimes think it is a pain with some of them, this was a more fun-pain torture. Just tiny wounds afterwards. And scratches. Yes, they had a puppy there! A dachshund who was in his teeth itching age…. No need of a dentist there! He was quite a mouth full to handle.

They had a quick look at mine too, despite that they had no appointment for it. Nothing were fractured of the temporarily fix I have on top of the crown, just a pocket in the gums, they washed it, no big deal. I’ll take care of it and then we’ll see.

Afterwards we had to reward Mr Lifecruiser with something for being such a good boy *lol* at the dentist, so we went up to a popular street in the southern part of downtown with a nice view over the city and bought him soft icecream. OK, I confess, I wanted one too :-)

We did a photo stroll there too, but it was difficult light up there (not to mention all people, bus etc in the way), so they may not end up particularly good since we only had my old camera with us.

And: the sun was actually shining today! Not all the time, it was cloudy, but, we can tell: the summer warmth has come back and we can actually be outside again!

With very big bright smiles, showing our teeth.

Yeah, the SUN… I can’t belive it.

*totally speachless*

Comments on A mouth full

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    Chi UNITED STATES said:

    I hate visiting the dentist! LOL What a shame to have spent that much money on something that didn’t last long enough….enjoy your trip! *s*

    Lifecruiser: Yes, wasted money and gives problem. Not fun. We will enjoy the trip and report from it, maybe not until afterwards though :-)

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    :sad: Going to the dentist is never fun. I think it’s because they don’t let people bring puppies to our dentist places..

    Lifecruiser: Yes, they should make it more fun, like an amusement park or something, maybe I shall suggest that *lol*

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    viamarie PHILIPPINES said:

    I don’t like going to a dentist. Must have had a very traumatic experience as a child.

    It’s Saturday and my SPH is up now. Hope to see yours too.

    Have a nice day!

    Lifecruiser: Many people say the same thing, must be bad dentists! My SPH won’t be up until later. We’re on our way out for a real photo hunt :-)

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    mar SPAIN said:

    I go every 6 months to the dentist. Really. It’s such a routine since I got brackets at a very early age and I am used to regular check up’s. But I had my trip to the dentist yesterday with my Mr18, his bracket was causing pain and something had to be done. But it was quickly done. Got out of there 15o euros lighter… Happy saturday!

    Lifecruiser: Well, I guess I can be glad that I don’t have brackets then :-)

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    mrhaney UNITED STATES said:

    you are both brave souls just going to the dentist. that is one place that i hate to go. you both should get a reward of some kind and a gallon of ice cream is good any time. i am not sure how this day is going to turn out but i hope it is a lot cooler than it was yesterday. how hot does it get where you live?

    Lifecruiser: We finally got summer weather just the other day and today it has been about 90 degrees Fahrenheit, pheeew. In the high summer season we can get about 96 F, thats’ all, so today has been a really hot day for us, because we’re not used to the heat yet. But we do hope that it will last. And for our Ireland trip too, which is 16-21 of June.

    Wishes you too a gallon of icecream to cool off :-):

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    skye UNITED STATES said:

    Like many others, I always hated going to the dentist. Might have something to do with the fact that the dentist I had when I was 13 told me I had truck driver’s teeth. What 13 year old girl wants to hear she looks like a truck driver??? I’ve been tramatized ever since and never smile.

    Just kidding…about the smiling part. I did finally find a dentist and hygenist that I really liked and went regularly, but then my insurance changed, and I had to switch dentists :( I haven’t gone since.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I know how it is. It’s hard to find both dentists and doctors that you feel confident with and trust.

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