Fire Belle
Fire Belle (Always Ready), 1956.
Oil on canvas. Gil Elvgren.

So, what’s going on here? Well, it’s burning both here and there ;-)

Both Mr L and me has been under the weather a bit and we don’t know what it is. It’s coming and going, terrible, terrible headaches, nausea, very strange perspirations were we feel really hot from the inside – very suddenly – and then suddenly freezing and toothache.

This has been going on with both of us for several weeks now. And it’s not only our Love that making us so hot ;-)

It’s weird, really weird. If it continue we have to see a doctor about it.

I’m kind of glad though that Mr L got it too, otherwise they would only say to me: your in menopause and having heaves! Ha! It’s so NOT!

The teacher is asking questions to the children.

- What is it that have four legs, is brown and lives in the forrest?
- The moose, says Elsa.

- Correct thought of you, says the teacher, but it could also be a Roedeer.

- What is green and jumps in the grass?
- The grasshopper, says Ulla.

- Correct thought of you, but it could also be a frog.

Then Gösta ask the teacher a question instead.

- What is it that is big and hard when you take it in your mouth, but small and soft when you take it out?

The teacher gives Gösta a slap, but he continues:

- Correct thought of you, but it could be a chewing Gum too!

This sickness, whatever it is, seem to stick like chewing gum to us too…

I hope every one will have a smashing hot weekend and understand if I’m not visiting as much as usual for the moment.

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6 Comments on “A lot of hot or not”

    that frolicsome kid BRUNEI DARUSSALAM said:

    Hahahaha! I knew it was coming to something. :D Good one! :P

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Sad to read that both of you are in ruins now ! But I think you should go to the doctor, it almost sounds like malaria (lol) which is not a very commun desease in Sweden !
    It can only be a virus if both of you have it. Doesn’t sound like a flew.

    Since a few days another Scandinavian shop has been opened. Looks very nice but I haven’t been inside yet. It’s called “Scandinavian & Irish specialities” isn’t that a nice combination ?

    TorAa NORWAY said:

    Can’t be easy to be a teacher. I’ll show the story to Anna.

    It seems you both have got springfever;)

    Have a great weekend and i really do you both will recover very soon.

    … and I’m still without internet at the summerhome:(

    claudie FRANCE said:

    Oh! And me Who invited you to swim with the cruisers in my little isle Le Gaou! you could drink a pastis perhaps it will burn the bad virus! I laugh!
    As Gattina I think you should better see the doctor!

    mar SPAIN said:

    Get well! even though it seems to be all you are doing is finding excuses to remain in bed… together :)

    Ocean Nymph ISRAEL said:

    LOL, I thought it’s gonna be something like this. Great post!

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