I thought the subject line sounded more fun than the reality were… *giggles*

I’ll just write a quick status update, have had problem with the internet connection – too slow. The opposite from me today: I have oiled lots and lots of garden furniture and on top of that cleaned the toilets and shower which we share with the others on the farm. Tough job – no vacation… *giggles*

We tried to find a chiropractor or something to Mr Lifecruiser, but it seems like either they’re on vacation too – or they’re full booked. I guess all summer guests are having problems from gardening and other work on their summer houses.

In the end our landlord, the farmer Per, remembered that he know some one that is a naprapath and quite nearby too, so we went to his home and luckily he was there and didn’t mind. He treated Mr L on his livingroom table (!) as the nice guy he is. Some pulls and tosses and Mr L got better – not only in his back, but also in his neck.

Mr Lifecruiser knows his father since the tennis competitions, Fårö Open in the past. Yes, Mr Lifecruiser has participated in them earlier and even won some prizes. It was a long time ago, before his knees went bad. That’s why he started to play golf actually.

So now Mr Lifecruiser is recommended to do my McKenzie exercises that always have helped me in my own back crisis and he is eating my medications and wearing a warm wheat cushion on his back.

He is going to the naprapath tomorrow afternoon again and maybe he will be fit for fight for the golf competition on Monday, if everything goes well! Phew!

Yesterday we went down to Visby again, together with Per. We thought he needed a break from all the work he always has on the farm, so we took him with us to have a look at the big ships that is visiting Visby harbor this week.

In my next post I’ll write something about the ships and try to show you some photos, so stay tuned!

Lifecruiser Fårö


9 Comments on “A hot quickie in the paradise”

    Lifecruiser said:

    I forgot to mention that our fridge did break down, so we had to change it in the middle of the night – luckily we were prepared and had one standing ready. Funny that after over 20 year, that it should break down when we just planned to change it!

    raja said:

    Halo Captain… Could you remember me ? I was doing my final semester project in my under graduation, so could not follow the trips here :) I ll follow from now…

    I too rearranged our garden, it is small and not a farm like you. So i finished my work single handed and ready for weekend fun :)

    rajas last blog post..Mac Poker

    claudie said:

    Nice for Mr Lifecruiser you could find a naprapath! I wish he can paticipe and will have a good golf competition on monday!
    I’ll stay tuned to watch the photos with the ships!

    claudies last blog post..Sea urchins, a delicacy!

    DianeCA said:

    Well I hope Mr.Lifecruiser is “back” in business again and doesn’t have to take those pills too long. We will all cross our fingers that it works out for his golf competition and hope he is well enough for real quickies soon!!

    DianeCAs last blog post..Joy riding and hidden treasures in Skövde, Sweden

    RennyBA said:

    Thanks for the update and glad to know the fridge is working again – champagne should always be kept cold at summer time you know!

    PS: Maybe Mr. Lilfecruiser will feel better after some indoor golfing?

    RennyBAs last blog post..Summer fun with family in Sweden

    Ling said:

    I kinda forgot how Mr. Lifecruiser hurt his back in the first place. Maybe because of some sporting activity other than golf or tennis? :smile:

    Sanni said:

    *Grin* Any photos of Mr L on that table? What a feast *wink*…
    and a fridge that killed itself because it somehow knew it’ll be replaced??? Well, my “white goods” behave the other way around *sigh*

    Sangria anyone (obviously I had too much today *g*)

    Gina said:

    I laughed when I read about the wheat cushion, although I am so sorry to hear about MR. L’s rigg problem! I immediately thought about the swedish wheat word and …well, you get the rest! glad that you took the hard working Per out and I want to see the ship photos!

    Ginas last blog post..Think Monday, Think ATC Challenge!

    Dot said:

    Hope Mr Lifecruiser is doing better and with less pain. hope he is back enjoying his golf again real soon.
    Always interesting reading about your adventures..Have had problems leaving comments as IE was always saying “nor responding”. I could still read the posts, just gouldn`t leave a comment.
    Today i took Walkers advice and downloaded Firefox and so far I have been able to start leaving comments again.

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