A beer for the thirsty budget traveler at the church’s lawn – something very needed on a sunny and warm day and after all walking around sightseeing in the small medieval town of Visby at Gotland island, Sweden.

Sweden, Gotland, Visby: beer thirsty traveler

There is nothing more refreshing (other than a swim in the Sea maybe) than a cold beer after a long day in the summer… (Yes, it could have been a Visby Pils instead of a Corona, but it is one of my favorite beer brands and hard to resist!)

Cheers my dears :-p

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    Ginnie said:

    HA! A great favorite of mine, too, LCT, but then it was so easily accessible in Atlanta while I lived there for 25 years! :) Good choice.


    The last time I had beer was I guess last month? Whoa, that’s quite long. And absolutely there’s nothing more refreshing than a cold beer, well anywhere and anytime, not just in the summer. Because of that, I gotta grab a beer. Cheers! :)


    I love Corona, too!!!! So good, but at least in Germany not really a budget option. It is one of the most expensive beers you can buy around here.

    Tom Porter said:

    I think you will find it hard to find someone who doesn’t like Corona.

    That beer saved my life!

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