If you get hungry and love the good old days with classics cars while you are on a trip in Gotland island outside Sweden’s east coast, you can go and have some car-nostalgia at the road coffee stop 56ans Café.

Austin Cambridge at 56ans Nostalgia cafe, Gotland, Sweden

Many owners of classic cars like to make a stop at the 56ans Café on their way up north on the Gotland island and so did we too this summer. The old Austin Cambridge in the picture above is not ours though!

The café menu has old classics like the Bike sandwich with sausage and egg, Swedish meatballs sandwich or the special coffee & prawn sandwich offer for only 45 SEK which is about $6,45 or €4,75.

The interior inside the café is filled with old car-related things – what do you say about drinking coffee – or "having fun" *giggles* – on this classic car seat-sofa in the picture, a very old tradition!

56ans Nostalgia cafe sofa, Gotland, Sweden

There is also the Nostalgia shop inside with lots of pillows with classic motifs as well as lots of old signs, bags, mugs etc. My only problem was were I possibly could put all those marvelous nostalgia signs I wanted to buy!

Well, we ended up only buying a bag and mug with Marilyn Monroe on them – which we took with us to Norway later as a gift to Diane.

In the photo below you can see some of the wall decoration at the entrance of the café – very US influenced for being on a very small Swedish island, don’t you think…?

56ans Nostalgia cafe signs, Gotland, Sweden

This summer Gotland tourists also got a new Quick stop place for temporary accommodation for motorhomes and caravans next to the café, which has an extended guest service. There you can fill up with water, empty the tanks, recharge batteries plus use the toilet or shower.

The fee is 100 to 150 SEK (€10,55-15,80 or $14,30-21,45) per night depending on the Caravan equipage. Note though that the idea is that you only stay for one or two nights. It is not like a regular camping place.

56ans Café is located in Tors, Bro, along road 148 about 8 kilometers north of Visby, which is the Old medieval Hansa town you arrives to when coming to Gotland with the ferry from the mainland.

Lifecruisers 56ans Nostalgia Café photos (20).


6 Comments on “56ans Nostalgia Cafe, Gotland”

    claudie said:

    I like old cars and this café looks very nice!!! I’m sur Mélissa would love it!!! it is very cheap too!!! I will have a stop there next mal!!! :razz:

    Gattina said:

    What a nice place ! I would love it !


    Wooooow, Gotland really seams to be the place for going back to the wonderful 1900s! Jukebox, the good old cars and even delicious good old food – my mouth is watering :-)

    toraa said:

    It is very romantic et plein de nostalgie.
    Bisous de la Provence.

    btw. Nok med livets vann av den nordiske type til blekksprut salaten. Dernest fransk musikk til i skrivende stund

    Zaki said:

    I wish there are more places like this! Sometimes it’s necessary to dig into past and feel ourself in the 70th or 80th :mrgreen:
    I’d like to drive there on my Plymouth Roadrunner ’71! It would be great!

    DianeCA said:

    And you know this post caught my eye. I love the glam of the 50′s!! That chick painted on the wall getting out of the car, thats me, you knew that right hehehe. And I love my Marilyn bag and coffee cup…I feel so glamorous when I drink my morning coffee!

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