I had a wonderful 50th birthday in Prague – which was my birthday gift from hubby. Add to that to wake up to birthday singing, with sparkling wine and Roses on the breakfast tray…

Lifecruisers 50th birthday sparkling wine and roses, Prague, Czech Republic, Photo Copyright

The roses were so beautiful, I would even say perfect. There are roses and there are roses if you know what I mean…

It’s a little story around those roses and the sparkling wine. It should have been 3 bottles of them and many, many more roses, because there were more persons trying to give me them!

I guess you can figure out that hubby ordered champagne & roses for me. Then there were our dear Norwegian blog friends calling the hotel ordering the same! Then my best friend Miss Ass. Lifecruiser called the hotel from Spain and tried to order it too, but she got refused to for some strange reason…

Obviously the hotel had never experienced a person that could be celebrated by several persons at once, because all that came in the morning were 1 bottle of Czech Pilsner Sekt Demi sec Premium – which seem to be their most popular sparkling wine – and 5 beautiful red roses.

I didn’t mind terrible though, it’s always interesting to taste something produced in the country or city you are in right then and besides that I only managed to drink that bottle! *giggles*

At the breakfast tray there also were a very nice birthday letter from our Norwegian blog friends, TorAa and Anna, RennyBA and DianeCA plus the fact that they even called me later that day to congratulate me!

…and then there were a lot of congratulations by phone calls, in different social networks including emails – you guys and gal’s totally ROCKS!!! Thank you so much!!!

Not only that, when we arrived at home there were a surprise left for me on the kitchen table: my wonderful sisters and brother had been there while we were away and put some gifts for me.

Lifecruisers 50th birthday welcome home table with gifts, Sweden, Photo Copyright

This was done despite the fact that I had announced that I would not celebrate my birthday, but of course I understand that they wanted to give me something anyway. I’d have done the same.

They certainly know me well, because what did they choose to give me? Flowers, the left one an Asian one, 1 book of exploring Sweden which I have been tempted to buy myself, my favorite chocolate from Lindt and an adventure gift box!

The adventure gift box is from Live It where I can choose an activity to do. Only problem is: there are so many interesting things that I’m having problems to choose… *giggles*

I’m also limited, since I can’t do anything that endanger my back, no bumpy stuff risks, so I can’t choose for an example a balloon flight – which I might have done otherwise!

They gave me the coolest card ever! With an old photo of me (my head) on the front glued on some celeb’s body.

Lifecruisers 50th birthday card front, Sweden, Photo Copyright

This is something they always have done, the old kinda scrapbooking: mixed photos with cuts from magazines and other things.

The card text says: The 50′s finest perfect favorite. And in small at the bottom you can’t see: Style and Quality. Oh my, I’m flattered… *giggles*

Lifecruisers 50th birthday card inside, Sweden, Photo Copyright

My sister was with us when we saw the movie about Marie Antoinette, plus hubby is said to be related to her somehow way back in time, so it was a good choice to put pictures of Marie Antoinette in there.

In this photo in the heart below you can see my siblings gathered, just as they are in my heart. The photo is taken sometime during the end of the sixties.

Lifecruisers 50th birthday card detail, Sweden, Photo Copyright

I’m so grateful to have such wonderful siblings! Never ever any problems between us and we’re really there for each other when it counts. They’re the best!

In my next post I will tell you about the evening out in Prague we had on my birthday, when we met some really nice guys!!!

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17 Comments on “50th Travel Birthday Gifts”

    LindaN said:

    what a great b-day!


    I’m happy for you. I’m so glad you had a wonderful and memorable birthday celebration.

    Maribeth said:

    A belated Happy Birthday, Mrs. Lifecruiser! I am glad it was such a happy one!

    TorAa said:

    dear mrs lifecruiser,
    ffirst of all and again congrats.
    We felt very humble when just giving you such a small attetion at your L-BD.
    What less could we give you on this very special Day from us here in Norway?

    I love the last picture with you and your siblings. I thinks that’s the greatest gift.

    However, my best wish for you, I really want I could fulfill, is about your Health:
    Come back to normal.
    hugs and kramar
    T and A

    DianeCA said:

    It sounds like you found a great way to celebrate your birthday…and best of all there are a lot of us out here that want to share it with you…because we care about you!! Never forget how lucky you are to have so many good people in your life!

    Andy said:

    What a beautiful gesture.Glad you enjoyed your birthday with the best wishes of so many supporters.

    Gattina said:

    Wow ! what a birthday celebration ! When I think I celebrated my 50th birthday in the Sequoia park in the States with a hamburger, and in the evening we had chinese but without wine and even less champagne because the restaurant had no licence for selling alcohol, lol ! There was no other restaurant nearby.

    Mar said:

    What a splendid bday !! love the presents, the creative cards, and I loved the film Marie Antoinette!!
    Looking forward to the bday report :cool:

    Debra James Percival said:

    Congratulations! 50 is a good year, relax and enjoy.


    Dear Mrs. Lifecruiser, mine and many other’s dear blog friends: Happy Anniversary – from all of me to all of you! I’m glad we could give you a good start to the day – your worth every drop!

    It was great talking to you on the phone that day too – so excited and so eager to explore – typical you!

    We all love you – just because you are you!

    Btw: Do you know what I am watching on TV right now: Caroline af Ugglas singing Me and Bobby Mcgee :-)


    Happy belated birthday. Sounds like hubby took really, really good care of you on your birthday. Good for him.

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Dear Captain Lifecruiser,
    Happy Birthday to you.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. Big hug. :)

    claudie said:

    What a lovely bd you had in Prague with those beautiful roses , a such lover with you and you blogfriends from Norcay so nice!And again at home with the family gifts!!! :smile:
    I can’t wait to read more about!

    Fida said:

    Happy belated B-day! It looks like you had a lovely day and could have had a champagne-bath if all had worked out <3

    Fida said:

    Ooops, it didn’t work – that sign at the end should have been a heart :grin:

    Caledonia said:

    Ooops! Belated birthday greetings! Sorry, it’s late.

    eunice said:

    Happy Belated Birthday!!! Wow so nice to spend your birthday in Prague!

    Gosh kinda miss this site!!!

    Cecil Lee said:

    Sorry sory Mrs. Lifecruiser, I’ve missed so many of your exciting life cruising stories! HAPPY belated BIG DAY! :smile:

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