Many Swedes and other Europeans goes on turkey holidays. Especially to Alanya which is on the absolute top list. Lifecruiser will list what would be our 5 top choices to go to at the Turkish riviera.

The Turkish Riviera also is called the Turquoise Coast and is situated in an area of the southwest of Turkey. It has a lot of ancient, important history to offer the curious tourists beside the beach lovers.

1. Ölüdeniz

Oludeniz beach, TurkeyPhoto by OscarKosy

Ölüdeniz beach resort is our number one choice, not only because the name start with Öl – which means beer in Swedish, but also because of the blue lagoon which is a national nature reserve. The beach is blue flagged.

2. Alanya

Alanya, TurkeyPhoto by TimoAndDog

The view from the Red Tower towards the Alanya dockyard and beach. Alanya was founded in the 13th century and the citadel with it’s kilometers of walls situated on a peninsula up to 250 meters above sea level, are among the most interesting tourist spots of Alanya.

3. Dalyan

Dalyan, TurkeyPhoto by lepetitegrub

Besides just taking a nice boat trip on the Dalyan river delta, there are the weathered facades of Lycian tombs cut from rock (400 BC) you can see in the cliffs and the ruins of the ancient trading city of Kaunos.

There is also the turtle beach to visit, where the turtles Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead Sea Turtles) which has existed for 95 million years lay their eggs.

4. Belek

Belek golf course, TurkeyPhoto by R.Engelhardt

Turkeys golf place number one, Belek is only about 30 minutes from Antalaya city center. They have 11 golf courses, 9 PGA, which offer golf year round. The golf courses usually are located amidst pine woods.

5. Bodrum

Boats in Bodrum harbor, TurkeyPhoto by Yilmaz Ovunc

In Bodrum we want to eat meze and drink raki. And shopping bags. Not necessary in that order, because we could get too drunk after drinking raki – we have had that experience once before (lol).

There is a powerful crusader burg in the harbor, Efesos, to explore and some hours away there are Artemis temple.

The Turkish Riviera has everything to offer: beach life, shopping, Turkish baths, safari’s, old villages, architecture, boat trips, paddling the rapids or dripstone caves.

If that isn’t enough, we can take the Bodrum – Kos Express Lines over to Kos in Greece. It’s EU’s door to the middle East and nothing is left to be controlled when passing the border.

We just have to make sure to be back within a days margin, since it’s not unusual that some tours get cancelled…

Or maybe we should get stuck there…?

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7 Comments on “5 Turkish Riviera Hot Spots”

    de VOC said:

    Beautiful photos and I think Turkey is the next place for my family as we were in Amsterdam and had loads of fun clicking pictures and screaming at the Amsterdam Dungeons. Now it is some time for some relaxation and sun.

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter!

    CanCan said:

    I really wanted to get to Turkey, we have a friend near Ephesus who planned 2 fun weeks for us but then airfare for our family was going to be like $5,000! Gulp! Maybe in a couple of years!

    Gattina said:

    After my roundtrip through Turkey I stayed in Kudasasi and liked it very much, that’s where I would go again.
    I just came back from France yesterday afternoon and feel rather tired. We had a great time together. For me the Côte d’Azur wasn’t nothing special, it just looks like around the Garda lake, even Claudie’s appartment was almost the same then the one of my SIL. Really funny. I was only a little lost because people spoke French and not Italian, lol ! Same flowers, same plants, same trees etc…


    I had to look up Kudasasi now Gattina and it does look great too! Ah, there are so many awesome places to go!

    For us living in the cold north, a visit to the Garda lake would probably be equally special to us as a visit at Côte d’Azur. I’m sure we would enjoy it tremendously!

    But of course: it’s one thing to be in a place for a visit, another thing to live there for a long time….

    Ginnie said:

    Hmmm. Turkey is still up for grabs for us. Not sure we will ever go there, if Astrid has anything to do with it (which she does, of course!). But now Kos! We have friends who will be there in 2 weeks’ time. I’m sure we’ll hear all about it from them!


    Dreamy places! If I wake up everyday to one of these, it’s easy to forget to about going back home. 8-)

    Thank you for sharing and Happy Easter!

    claudie said:

    Nice to learn so many informations about the Turkish riviera!
    This is really a place to visit!

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