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By: myikram myikram Thu, 06 Mar 2008 21:03:06 +0000 I feel sorry about your mother, stroke is mostly depend on patient itself, whether to think positive ( dat mean, he thinks that he’ll recover ) or negative thinking..

During my lesson today, my lecture told me, how, a divorce women ( depressed state ) is very hard to recover from hemiplegia, due to decrease of confidence…

But, her condition is gradually improved, since, her son brought home a cat. so, at this time, her attention is more to the cat than her problem…

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By: Toni Toni Wed, 05 Mar 2008 15:31:45 +0000 I’m sorry to hear about your mother. I hope and pray that she won’t be suffering when it’s her time to go. And that she won’t have any pain much more.
This trip is quite exciting, I am looking forward to reading more of it. I’m glad you made it safe and sound to your destination (with many exciting stories in between!).
I wish you all a nice time and a safe stay in Spain. Till next post! Adios!

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By: Kango Kango Wed, 05 Mar 2008 07:46:12 +0000 Hey, captain. I been wondering where you were. Glad you made it in one piece to Spain, inspite of all the bad weather and delays. Hope you enjoy the stay. Sorry bout your Mom, but like you say, nothing much you can do. Just hope for the best.

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By: Gattina Gattina Wed, 05 Mar 2008 06:32:52 +0000 Nice to hear from you ! (I just checked my Google Reader) What an horror trip you made ! Couldn’t you take a little more time instead of doing such a marathon ? But you arrived safely and that is the most important thing. Now these are bad news concerning your mother although it would be better for her to leave this world. I only hope you can enjoy some more days in Spain, your really need them !

By: Comedy Plus Comedy Plus Tue, 04 Mar 2008 17:13:51 +0000 First, my thoughts and prayers are with your mother and your entire family. I hope things turn out okay.

Your trip sounds interesting. You all seem to roll with the punches, even the dogs. Very well done. A sign of those who travel well. Have fun and enjoy every moment. :)

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By: Mar Mar Tue, 04 Mar 2008 13:52:46 +0000 So glad to hear you made it safely to Ms Ass.Lifecruiser’s casa! You were quick, I must say. Smelly or not, safety is a priority, lol! I thought of you driving by my casa, did you see me waving back to you??

At the same time I am sorry to hear about your mom having another stroke…I wish her the best, whatever her wishes are.
And enjoy those sangrias, salud!!

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