This trip involved some minor problems, like being almost stormy when we should go with the ferry to Germany from Denmark. No way we were going over there that night. So we had to stop too early too eat and sleep, loosing a lot of hours to drive. But better that than being seasick!

It was raining all the way through Sweden, very bad weather conditions which just made us even more happy to leave the country!

… and like loosing the gas cap somewhere on the road and the lid were stuck so we couldn´t open it to fill up gas… Luckily it solved by itself later before we had to fill gas again. Phew!

We had a serious delay of at least 4 hours in Barcelona, trying to get on the right track after taking the wrong way in one of their ring roads…

We were waving to Sanni, Claudie and Mar when passing in your countries. Sorry that we couldn´t stop to meet you!

Then another delay on another road (can´t remember where right now, we were so tired when we were there) because we refused to take the heavy steap hill roads up on a mountain as a short cut. We all had problems with the height.

After driving for 4 days, almost all the time, just some short stops for sleeping at most 6 hours, we arrived at Islantilla in Huelva, south of Spain which was our end destination.

At least we thought so… *giggles*

We arrived there too late to get the keys to the casa which Miss Ass. Lifecruiser will rent for a year. It was almost morning, so we decided to sleep a few hours in the car again, as we´ve done a couple of times during this trip.

Try to do that: 3 persons and 2 dogs. We managed, which says something about our condition…

Then next day when calling the owner, it were obviously some misunderstandings. We were on the wrong spot!

They sent us down to the Cadiz area, outside Jerez de Frontera: Sanlucar de Barrameda and that´s where we are right now.

How come? Well, Miss Ass. Lifecruiser had sent a request for another casa within the same company and they had mixed the two ones up, sending her the link to the other casa in Islantilla.

This was however much better, she liked this casa much more and it´s location is much better – even though Mr Lifecruiser won´t have that campo de golf right outside now.

Since arriving, we have slept a lot, had some tours around the city to find what ones need when it comes to stores, tourist office, the way to this internet café etc.

Her 2 dogs liked their new home instantly, so there is no problem there. I must say that they behaved so very well during this trip, because it was difficult for them too. They have so much to get used too and it´s as much exciting for them as for us!

Luckily Miss. Ass. Lifecruiser can speak some Spanish, because not many can speak English here. It´s not like a tourist place where charter trips go to exactly.

We were like real dirty backpackers during this trip, because we just wanted to reach the destination and had too little time and possibilities to take showers. Luckily we all smelled equally bad…. *giggles*

She had some minor problems trying to put on the gas for the heated water, so we couldn´t take a shower the first night, but now were all cleaned up!

The weather has been excellent, sunny until today, yesterday about 20-25 degrees and today maybe 18-20 degrees. We´re getting used to our flip-flops very fast :-)

The only very sad thing now is that I got a phone call yesterday morning from my sister that my Mom has got another stroke and is very ill. The nearest days will show how it goes.

She hasn´t been able to eat or drink anything and she is too ill to put in help measures like a drip, they don´t do that any longer when you´re old and in that condition.

We have to face it, she has been so ill for soo long with other things and she said already a year ago or more that she didn´t want to live any longer, so we agree with this “decision” to not give her drip. It´s of respect for her will too.

I understand her. Her body is literally falling apart in the joints, especially the shoulder. Her back is so deformed now too. She can´t do anything by herself, hardly can´t see anything and the earlier strokes on top of that making it troublesome to speak. She can´t do anything but listen to music. That´s it.

Now we don´t know yet what her condition will be IF she survive. The doctor said that she could survive because her heart is so strong. (And I know what a dynamite lady she is)

Maybe this is her time to go, maybe not. I was prepared for this before I went away, so it´s not a shock for me. I kind of said goodbye to her before I left, to be on the safe side.

But of course, I´m thinking of her all the time and it´s affecting my mood quite a bit.

Take care good old and new friends, I´ll think of you when I drink the next Sangria!

Cheers my dears.

Captain Lifecruiser

7 Comments on “4620 kilometers later”

    Mar said:

    So glad to hear you made it safely to Ms Ass.Lifecruiser’s casa! You were quick, I must say. Smelly or not, safety is a priority, lol! I thought of you driving by my casa, did you see me waving back to you??

    At the same time I am sorry to hear about your mom having another stroke…I wish her the best, whatever her wishes are.
    And enjoy those sangrias, salud!!

    Mar’s last blog post..a toast


    First, my thoughts and prayers are with your mother and your entire family. I hope things turn out okay.

    Your trip sounds interesting. You all seem to roll with the punches, even the dogs. Very well done. A sign of those who travel well. Have fun and enjoy every moment. :)

    Comedy Plus’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #44

    Gattina said:

    Nice to hear from you ! (I just checked my Google Reader) What an horror trip you made ! Couldn’t you take a little more time instead of doing such a marathon ? But you arrived safely and that is the most important thing. Now these are bad news concerning your mother although it would be better for her to leave this world. I only hope you can enjoy some more days in Spain, your really need them !

    Kango said:

    Hey, captain. I been wondering where you were. Glad you made it in one piece to Spain, inspite of all the bad weather and delays. Hope you enjoy the stay. Sorry bout your Mom, but like you say, nothing much you can do. Just hope for the best.

    Kango’s last blog post..It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…It’s a Casino?

    Toni said:

    I’m sorry to hear about your mother. I hope and pray that she won’t be suffering when it’s her time to go. And that she won’t have any pain much more.
    This trip is quite exciting, I am looking forward to reading more of it. I’m glad you made it safe and sound to your destination (with many exciting stories in between!).
    I wish you all a nice time and a safe stay in Spain. Till next post! Adios!

    Toni’s last blog post..New Job

    myikram said:

    I feel sorry about your mother, stroke is mostly depend on patient itself, whether to think positive ( dat mean, he thinks that he’ll recover ) or negative thinking..

    During my lesson today, my lecture told me, how, a divorce women ( depressed state ) is very hard to recover from hemiplegia, due to decrease of confidence…

    But, her condition is gradually improved, since, her son brought home a cat. so, at this time, her attention is more to the cat than her problem…

    myikram’s last blog post..Cerebral Vascular Disease of Brain

    claudie said:

    We are not so long from you! Hopping to see you perhaps when you return at home. Your mother is so courageous. I know very well the problem now with my mother in law.

    claudie’s last blog post..Municipal elections

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