For the disabled traveler, it can be really difficult to find the right destinations that welcome disabled persons with the right environment. I found 38 accessible travel links to help.

Even though I’m not in a wheelchair myself, I am however somewhat disabled because of chronic illness (several) and can truly understand how difficult it is for the really challenged traveler.

My illness doesn’t stop me from travel, but it limits my choice of travel destinations and especially when it comes to physical activities during the trips.

I feel lucky though, when thinking of all the travelers that’s in worse condition than me and the ones that really can’t travel at all.

I have collected a lot of links for disabled travelers below, that I hope can help in some way.

If there’s a will and the right travelitude (my own invented word), it’s possible to go to places others wouldn’t even dream about.

Sure, not without difficulties, but never the less possible.

Accessible Travel for disabled travelers

  1. Flying with disability
  2. Railpass Travelers with Disabilities
  3. Disabled travelers guide
  4. Access-able Travel source
  5. Disabled Tavelers
  6. Global access news
  7. Access travel center
  8. Disability world
  9. Go Nomad about accessible travel
  10. Emerging horizons (online magazine)
  11. Independent living links
  12. Greyhound tickets info disabled travelers
  13. Fommers trip ideas for disabled
  14. Mobility advisor disabled travelers
  15. Slowtrav’s Europe for disabled travel
  16. Airconsumer ACAA complaint
  17. Airconsumer’s hotline
  18. Frommers.com Forum: Trip Ideas
  19. Disabled world travel
  20. Accessible tourism (Europe)
  21. Equality travel
  22. wikitravel: Disabled travellers
  23. Go RV’ing for the disabled

Specific destinations accessible info

  1. In Italy: travel handicap
  2. Accessible Barcelona
  3. Visit Sweden: Disabled travelers
  4. Visit Norway: Disabled travelers
  5. about.com Scandinavia accessible travel
  6. NYC Visitore disabled and mature travelers
  7. Overlanding Africa: Disability tours
  8. Greece travel: handicapped
  9. Andalucia: travel disabled
  10. Come to Germany: disabled travel
  11. Britain on track: traveling by rail
  12. Visit Britain: facilities for disabled travelers
  13. China travel: disabled travelers
  14. To do Tenerife: Accessibility Guide
  15. To do Tenerife: Accessible beaches

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6 Comments on “38 Accessible travel links for disabled travelers”

    Ling said:

    Good of you to think about people with disabilities. A couple of weeks back, the courts forced some online travel companies to provide more services for them.

    claudie said:

    Making everyone can visit our planet is a nice idea. this is the good way for societies more human and less individualist. :smile: :

    Cecil Lee said:

    Good move Lifecruiser. Are people who broke like me considered as disabled as well? :oops:


    Hi, just to add to your Accessible Travel List … Disabled Accessible Travel are the only inbound agency offering specific shoreside services solely to the disabled cruise ship passenger market throughout Portugal, Spain and Italy.
    Our general tour services will still be available throughout 2009 but on a reducing scale. For interior european travel and city breaks we would be happy to recommend alternative agencies whom we trust implicitly to offer quality and fully accessible services.


    who has had Multiple Sclerosis and Epilepsy since 2000.


    This is a FANTASTIC resource! I work with a lot of people with disabilities, so this article definitely comes in handy next time we’re planning a trip. Thank you for this.


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