Mr Lifecruiser is having a 25 years vacation anniversary at the farm this year. To celebrate it we gave the farmer a flower and made a very traditional Swedish meal to eat together.

25 years jubileum flower

Since we have very simple kitchen here, we made the dinner simple too: home made pannbiff (kinda minced meat beef) with fried onion, potatoes, broccoli and lingon berries.

Swedish traditional Pannbiff - beef

We were extra hungry that day for some reason - maybe the sea breeze made us extra hungry, so all three of us ate like wolfs…. *giggles*

Down below you can see our view out on the fields. Just beyond the horizon line lays the Baltic Sea.

Farm view at Fårö island, Gotland, Sweden

Can you understand why we keep coming back year after year…?

Mr Lifecruiser has not only been on the farm for 25 years in a row, but also been on this island - Fårö - for 32 years in a row!

Me? I’ve only been here for 6 years now, not only in the summer, but also in the spring - and winter, but I feel so at home here that it feels like much more.

This year we’re staying here for 50 days - 7 weeks. There will be lots of photos - even some from last year photos which I discovered that we haven’t published yet….


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8 Comments on “25 Years Island Farm Stay Day”

    claudie FRANCE said:

    Happy 25 years vacation anniversary, Mr Lifecruiser! I’m so curious about Farö, since you spoke about so well last summer, since I read your blog and admire the pictures of your summer paradise year after year. The dinner looks so yummy! You make me hungry, my Capt’ain!
    I’m now on holiday! Yes!!! I need it! I slept the full afternoon ! now I can really take great time and appreciate summer time!

    DianeCA SWEDEN said:

    Lovely photos. The dinner looks delicious and yes we can really understand why you go there year after year. It looks lovely and feels like home, what could be better?


    Happy Anniversary and what delicious celebration - well deserved!

    Looking forward to see you in Oslo after you’re 7 weeks ;-)


    Cool blogg. Traveling is living. Maybe I see you around somewhere.

    Fida said:

    Happy celebration! Looking forward to seeing more photos. Enjoy that loooooong holiday!

    LindaN SWEDEN said:

    sure is beautiful

    Gattina said:

    25 years in one place ? Congratulations, it really must be very beautiful ! I supported 20 years of Garda Lake, but then I couldn’t see it anymore, made a break and came back after 20 years, lol !
    This year we don’t go. I have enough again, it’s always the same, although it’s very beautiful.
    You certainly have another kind of vacation there. Mr. G. hates the beach, hates walking and prefers staying inside ! I am just the opposite. Your place looks real nice I hope you will have better weather then last year ! or was it the year before when it rained all the time ? We are sitting in a heatwave ! 36° ! that’s too much !

    Mar SPAIN said:

    :cool: Happy anniversary and happy holidays!!

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