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Moving Love

January 31st, 2006 at 4:19 am » Comments (4)

“If you run in to each other in the street and the man says Pardon me and the women says You are welcome. Then it can happen that they move in together”. [ Anna, 7 year ] I wonder if her parents met each other that way or where in earth she did get that [...]

Naughty film in the bedroom

January 30th, 2006 at 6:21 pm » Comments (2)

Oh my, such a naughty net pet he is, our dear Basil! He was drunk last night and wobbled around in the ceiling in our bedroom, seemed all dizzy. A real party animal he is. He always want to be where we are, so he sleeps in our bedroom too. Today he has kept him [...]

No spy or secret agent material

January 29th, 2006 at 11:18 pm » Comments (2)

Mr Lifecruiser is probably not going to like that I tell you this, but as usual I take my chance to do it anyway. This time it’s about all the strange and fun things he do in the nights… (No naughty thoughts now, I’m not going to write about our fun exercises we do! Or [...]